AI Discoveries New Battery Technology

PLUS: Siemens and Microsoft partner on AI copilots for manufacturing sector.

Good morning! Today is Wednesday, January 10th and Getty Images launches AI art service, Microsoft partners with Siemens on AI copilots, and a startup helps speech-impaired people with AI voices. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Getty Images Launches A New GenAI Service For IStock Customers

Getty Images steps into the future with their latest offering, Generative AI by iStock, tailored to dodge the legal pitfalls plaguing the AI-generated content space. This service promises to streamline the creative flow, delivering AI-crafted images sans the fear of inadvertently including copyrighted elements. Leveraging Nvidia's technology, it ensures customers can modify or originate images in 75 languages, with an API enabling smooth app and plugin integration. At a competitive $15 for 100 images, Getty is not just selling pictures; they're selling peace of mind.

Amidst raging copyright concerns, Getty's GenAI tool embodies a proactive stance. "Our main goal with Generative AI by iStock is to provide customers with an easy and affordable option to use AI in their creative process," says Grant Farhall, iStock's chief product officer. As the copyright debate intensifies, Getty isn't just watching from the sidelines. They're arming customers with a $10,000 legal safety net for AI-generated visuals, signaling a blend of innovation with indemnification—a model that may become a standard in the GenAI playground. techcrunch

Siemens And Microsoft Really Want Maunfacturers To Start Using AI Copilots

Siemens has joined forces with Microsoft, leveraging generative AI to bring AI Copilots to the manufacturing sector, aiming to counteract labor shortages and bolster productivity. Revealed during Siemens CEO Roland Busch's keynote at CES 2024, this partnership marks a significant step towards integrating AI more deeply within industrial workflows. Busch emphasized, "This has the potential to revolutionize the way companies design, develop, manufacture, and operate."

The initiative is part of a broader push into the industrial metaverse, aiming to transform collaboration and production processes. The AI Copilot, running on Siemens' Xcelerator platform with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, promises to enhance design efficiency through instant access to virtual prototype simulations. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted, "We're building on our longstanding collaboration with Siemens and bringing together AI advances across the Microsoft Cloud with Siemens' industrial domain expertise." techradar

How This Startup Uses AI To Give Speech-Impaired People Their Voice Back

Whispp, a Dutch startup, is changing lives with its innovative assistive voice technology. By using recordings of a person's previous healthy voice, Whispp's tool can translate impaired speech into clear, naturally-sounding audio, complete with intended emotion and intonation. The recent €750,000 seed funding—led by LUMO Labs—will propel the launch of their calling app and expansion into new markets.

The impact of Whispp's technology extends beyond convenience, targeting a core human need: communication. For the over 300 million people globally affected by voice distortions due to conditions like ALS or throat cancer, this AI solution offers a chance to regain their authentic voice, fostering inclusion and participation in society without the delay of text-to-speech methods. thenextweb

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New Material Found By AI Could Reduce Lithium Use In Batteries

In a collaborative effort, Microsoft and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have unveiled a new material that could drastically cut lithium usage in batteries by up to 70%. Leveraging AI and supercomputing, the team expedited the traditional material discovery process from decades to mere days, pinpointing 18 candidates from 32 million possibilities. This revolutionary approach culminated in a working battery prototype within nine months, showcasing AI's transformative impact on scientific research and sustainable technology development.

The material, known as N2116, is a solid-state electrolyte poised to redefine energy storage. Its rapid journey from concept to prototype exemplifies the synergy of AI and human expertise, with AI providing a high-potential starting point, subsequently refined and realized in the lab. This development not only addresses the impending lithium scarcity but also embodies the next wave of eco-conscious innovation, potentially reshaping industries reliant on lithium-ion batteries. bbc

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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