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PLUS: Discover The AI Company Turning Doodles Into Art On Your Phone

Good morning! Today we’re covering the eyeglasses developed by MIT which reads silent speech with AI, the AI company turning doodles into art on your phone and Meta's AI chiefs downplaying existential fears and and are pursuing open-source edge.

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Top News & Why It Matters

| AI-Equipped Wearable Robotic Assistant Reads Silent Speech With Eyeglasses

Step aside, Siri and Alexa - researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a wearable AI assistant in the form of eyeglasses that can read silent speech using electrooculography technology and guided by muscle movement. This futuristic device is designed to help people with speech difficulties to communicate and perform tasks with ease.

Just think about it...

No more yelling at your phone or smart speaker, as this AI-equipped wearable robotic assistant can interpret and understand your silent speech in real-time. sciencedaily

Why does this matter?

Imagine a world where we don't have to constantly pull out our phones to check the time, respond to messages, or even order a pizza. This AI-enhanced eyewear could potentially eliminate the need to verbally communicate with our tech gadgets, creating a seamless integration of technology into our daily lives. The implications go beyond the convenience factor for the general population; this could be a game-changer for individuals with speech impairments, making their lives significantly easier and more connected than ever before.

| Discover The AI Company Turning Doodles Into Art On Your Phone

Local, mobile AI image generation could be the wave of the future, and Qualcomm's ControlNet might just be the ticket. The model enables generative AI image creation without needing an online connection and uses a provided seed image that it then manipulates based on a text prompt. ControlNet is open-source and compatible with various platforms, although it runs fastest on Qualcomm's Snapdragon. The Hexagon digital signal processor on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile processor makes the model particularly fast and efficient. crunchbase, techradar

Why does this matter?

Privacy advocates will appreciate ControlNet's closed-loop approach to generating images without sending data to the cloud or sharing it with third parties. Mobile AI has potential applications across various industries, and major partners like Samsung could make a significant impact by integrating the technology into their products and services.

| Meta's AI Leaders Dismiss 'ridiculous' Existential Fears As They Race To Catch Up With ChatGPT

Meta's AI leaders, Yann LeCun and Joelle Pineau, dismiss existential fears as "preposterously ridiculous" and "unhinged" while racing to catch up with competitors like ChatGPT. But their focus on open-sourcing models might give them an edge in the long run. LeCun and Pineau argue that Meta's transparency could help drive the direction of AI technology. technologyreview, techradar

Why does this matter?

Although Meta is playing catch-up, its commitment to open-source technology could create more collaborative and democratic AI systems rather than those controlled by a select few tech companies. While this approach carries its own risks, it may ultimately lead to more genuinely beneficial AI applications and a more invested, interconnected community of researchers and users.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence

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What Else Is Happening

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| Best of AI Social Media

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| Research Review

Tasra: A Taxonomy And Analysis Of Societal-Scale Risks From AI (Full Paper)

Andrew Critch, Stuart Russell

∑ Summary: This paper explores a taxonomy of AI-related risks based on accountability, examining actors' actions and intentions, and proposes technical and policy solutions.

!? Practical implications: This research could prompt comprehensive safety policies and technical solutions that address risks arising from AI, such as unintended consequences of multiple AI systems interacting, as well as potential misuse, thus shaping the development and governance of AI technology throughout various industries and society.

Defining And Exploring The Intelligence Space (Full Paper)

Paul S. Rosenbloom

∑ Summary: This article presents a broad perspective on intelligence, encompassing human, artificial, and humanlike intelligence, and explores advanced topics such as the singularity, generative AI, ethics, and intellectual property.

!? Practical implications: By introducing a new intelligence space and hierarchy that incorporates natural, human-like, and artificial intelligence, this research can stimulate industries and policymakers to explore and invest in developing new AI technologies, potentially leading to transformative advances in areas such as the singularity, generative AI, ethics, and intellectual property.

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