AI Gold Rush - Big Tech Invests Billions Into AI

PLUS: AI And Crypto Integration Is Going To Happen Whether You Want It Or Not

Good morning! Today we're covering big tech investing billions in AI, raising opacity concerns, experts exploring integrating AI with crypto and blockchain technology and how AI technology raises concerns of surveillance and exploitation.

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Top News & Why It Matters

| This Week In AI: Big Tech Bets Billions On Machine Learning Tools

Big tech is betting billions on AI-powered tools as Dropbox launches its first corporate venture fund, AWS unveils a $100 million generative AI program, and Salesforce Ventures plans to pour $500 million into generative AI startups. It's a red-hot landscape, but money alone might not solve the field's challenges.

One concern is the technology becoming dangerously opaque. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

As AI's societal impacts accelerate, we risk entrenching power and reducing agency over our lives without adequate checks and balances. While big tech pours billions into AI, the industry must pay attention to concerns about transparency, power hierarchies, and the broader consequences of this rapid technological progression.

| AI And Crypto Integration Is Going To Happen Whether You Want It Or Not

AI and crypto enthusiasts, listen up! Experts are brainstorming ways to integrate AI with crypto and blockchain technology, and it's going to happen whether you're ready or not. One key idea? Digital ownership. It's not just about owning your assets, data, and identity in the web3 world, but also giving AI users control over their data and the models they train.

Picture this: you'd finally have agency over how your data is shared across assets, and we're sure that'll be quite the game-changer. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

As AI continues its meteoric rise, integrating with crypto and blockchain becomes increasingly feasible – and potentially powerful. This could bring new applications and opportunities (think: greater data security and control) that not only benefit AI users but the broader crypto community as well. The line between the two industries may blur, redefining the tech landscape as we know it.

| AI Isn't Magic, It's Being Used To Spy On You, Experts Warn

AI may seem like magical technology, but experts are warning it's not quite as innocent as it seems. In fact, they argue AI can be intrusive and exploitative. At a recent tech summit, Alex Hanna called out big names in AI for "[hiding] the fact that their products are powered by human grunts." And meanwhile, Meredith Whittaker talks about how AI can impact our lives through surveillance technologies, anonymously determining things like bank loan approvals.

In other words: AI isn't magic, it's being used to spy on us. futurism

Why does this matter?

One implication of these revelations is that trust in AI technology and companies could be weakened, as more people learn about the human labour and privacy threats behind the scenes. Furthermore, the industry might face increased scrutiny from regulators and ethical watchdogs, incentivizing them to become more transparent about their practices.

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| Lunch & Learn

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What Else Is Happening

| More News

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| Research Review

Apolitical Intelligence? Auditing Delphi's Responses On Controversial Political Issues In The Us (Full Paper)

Jonathan H. Rystrøm

∑ Summary: This paper examines the concept of neutrality in generative language models like Delphi, revealing poorly calibrated confidence and political bias while exploring its implications from a data-feminist perspective.

!? Practical implications: This research could potentially lead to increased awareness about the biases within AI models, prompting developers to approach neutrality with a more reflexive and inclusive perspective, ultimately leading to more ethically aligned AI systems and a potential reduction in the marginalization of underrepresented voices in society.

Towards Regulatable AI Systems: Technical Gaps And Policy Opportunities (Full Paper)

Xudong Shen et al.

∑ Summary: This study investigates the extent to which AI experts can vet AI systems for regulatory adherence using public sector procurement checklists, highlighting current capabilities, future innovations, and interdisciplinary needs.

!? Practical implications: This research may lead to more effective collaboration between AI experts, regulators, and policymakers in the development and implementation of AI systems, fostering greater transparency, trust, and responsible innovation in the AI ecosystem.

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