AI Officially Replacing Editors

PLUS: SoftBank Leads Aggressive Corporate Shift Toward AI Investments

Good morning! Today we’re covering the German tabloid Bild replacing 100+ editorial jobs with AI, SoftBank prioritizing AI investments as tech giants increase funding and the generative AI tool to help workers spot malicious emails.

Let’s get to it!

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Top News & Why It Matters

| Major Publishing House To Replace Hundreds Of Jobs With AI

German tabloid Bild Back Never Bild is set to replace over a hundred human editorial jobs with AI, marking a significant escalation in media industry automation. Owned by Europe's biggest publisher, Axel Springer, the tabloid plans to automate roles like editors, proof-readers, and photo editors as part of broader cost-cutting efforts.

AI-generated text is notorious for lacking depth and being unreliable, so this bold move could backfire on the publisher.

Critics, including the German Journalists' Association, have slammed the decision as antisocial and economically stupid. futurism

Why does this matter?

As AI takes over more roles, especially in journalism, the quality and integrity of reporting may suffer. If automation becomes an industry-wide trend, the impact on independent and nuanced storytelling could be profound, potentially transforming the way we consume news and stories.

| SoftBank Leads Aggressive Corporate Shift Toward AI Investments

SoftBank shifts aggressively towards AI investments and tech giants double down on funding AI startups. Masayoshi Son announces SoftBank's "offence mode," ignited by the rise of generative AI like ChatGPT. Meanwhile, Salesforce Ventures doubles its Generative AI Fund to $500m, and Nvidia, Amazon, and Cisco continue to fund AI-centric startups. crunchbase, crunchbase

Why does this matter?

This burst of AI investment suggests a changing landscape for startups and venture capital. No longer just for niche players, even global giants like Oracle are beginning to dip their toes into the AI pool. With companies like Meta exploring AI's role in the metaverse and others addressing climate change and sustainable development, we may be witnessing the start of a new era that transcends industries and brings AI to the forefront of innovation.

| There's A New Gen AI Tool To Help Workers Spot Malicious Emails

Generative AI tool to help workers spot malicious emails. IronScales is stepping up the game with Themis Co-pilot for Microsoft Outlook.

Themis Co-pilot uses OpenAI's GPT models to provide chat assistance for self-service threat reporting.

Why? Business Email Compromise (BEC) and phishing attacks are on the rise.

Freeing up time for security teams, getting smarter with machine learning, and empowering workers of all skill levels to detect and report threats. techradar

Why does this matter?

As AI-powered security analysts like Themis Co-pilot become more commonplace, we could see a shift in the role of human security teams moving forward, focusing more on nuanced threat detection and strategy. Meanwhile, employees may become more proactive and security-aware in their day-to-day email use, potentially reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall cyber hygiene.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence

| Our Top Picks

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✅ Sheldon: AI assistant saves time with email, code, excel, and blogs. (website)

✅ Superflows: Generate pre-written email replies with category-based customization. (website)

✅ Satellite Writer: Unlimited content creation with artificial intelligence technology, cloud-based platform. (website)

✅ AI music tagging for easy search and filtering. (website)

| Lunch & Learn

📝 Text: Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial] by Giraffee Academy (link)

🎧 Audio: 371 – Max Tegmark: The Case for Halting AI Development by Lex Fridman Podcast (link)

📽️ Video: Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence | John Searle | Talks at Google (link)

What Else Is Happening

| More News

🗞️ SoftBank leads aggressive corporate shift toward AI investments. (source)

🗞️ HPE wants to supercharge business AI training using its cloud. (source)

🗞️ Automation can feel like you have ‘an expert sitting next to you’. (source)

🗞️ Opera launches revamped browser equipped with an AI sidekick. (source)

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🗞️ Table tennis brain teaser: Playing against robots makes our brains work harder. (source)

🗞️ Mori3: A polygon shape-shifting robot for space travel. (source)

| Best of AI Social Media

💬 OpenAI quietly lobbied for weaker AI regulations while publicly calling to be regulated (Reddit)

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| Research Review

Knowledge-Based Multimodal Music Similarity (Full Paper)

Andrea Poltronieri

∑ Summary: This research aims to develop an explainable and interpretable system for studying music similarity using both symbolic and audio content, enhancing understanding and control for end-users.

!? Practical implications: This research on music similarity using both symbolic and audio content can lead to more personalized and accurate music recommendation systems, ultimately enhancing user engagement and satisfaction in music streaming platforms.

Deep Learning Accelerator In Loop Reliability Evaluation For Autonomous Driving (Full Paper)

Haitong Huang, Cheng Liu

∑ Summary: A DLA-in-loop evaluation platform is proposed to enable early-stage system reliability assessment in autonomous driving, potentially reducing expensive design iterations.

!? Practical implications: This research could potentially lead to time and cost savings in deep learning accelerator design for autonomous driving systems, reducing the need for expensive design iterations and accelerating the development of safer self-driving technologies.

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