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PLUS: Nvidia pilots generative AI ChipNeMo to aid engineers with design and bugs

Good morning. Today is Wednesday, November 1st, and we’re covering Generative AI spending to reach $143B by 2027; expected to drive $1T productivity gains, Quora's Poe introduces monetization for AI chatbot builders. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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How AI Reshapes The IT Industry Will Be 'Fast And Dramatic'

Time's ticking for the IT industry. IDC predicts a whirlwind transformation, with enterprise spending on generative AI poised to skyrocket from $16 billion in 2023 to a staggering $143 billion by 2027. That's a compound annual growth rate of 73.3% - talk about a growth spurt!

Generative AI isn't just a cool tech toy; it's a key player in business strategy. To harness GenAI's potential, IDC suggests a clear road map: establish a responsible AI policy, design an intelligence architecture, and upskill staff. With these measures in place, industry-specific, business function, and productivity use cases can effectively unfold. Remember this: Generative AI is expected to drive $1T in productivity gains by 2026. zdnet

Quora’s Poe Introduces An AI Chatbot Creator Economy

Poe, Quora's AI chatbot platform, is pioneering a creator economy for bot builders. If you've been contemplating dipping your toes into the world of AI bot creation, now might be the time. Poe is incentivizing bot creators with a two-pronged monetization program. First, creators receive a revenue cut if their bots result in new Poe subscriptions. Second, a per-message fee system is under works, where Quora pays bot creators based on the number of messages exchanged.

Quora introduced Poe earlier this year, attracting over 18.4 million installs and approximately 1.22 million active users monthly. It has positioned itself as more than just a hub for AI chatbots; it’s a breeding ground for creators to experiment, innovate, and now, earn. As Poe's content meets high-quality standards, it joins Quora's Q&A site, potentially reaching 400 million monthly visitors. This monetization program, a first of its sort, could trigger a new wave of AI bot creators, thus shaping the future of AI chatbot applications. techcrunch

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Top Tools

  • AI Audience Accelerator: If you’ve ever wanted to build an audience, AI Audience Accelerator will help you—in a fraction of time time. (website) (sponsored)

  • Booom: AI Trivia Challenge: AI-powered trivia for Twitch, Discord and friends. (website)

  • Chunky: Create custom, human-like chatbots from your data. (website)

Practical AI

Generating Classroom Materials with AI

Microsoft Research's AI project, Shiksha Copilot, is significantly reducing lesson planning time for teachers. This AI assistant is a game-changer, transforming the tedious task of lesson planning from a 60-90 minute ordeal to a mere 60-90 second task. By simply selecting parameters like grade, language, and subject, Shiksha generates relevant content, from PowerPoints to take-home assignments.

Sikshana Foundation's involvement in the project ensures it's grounded in the realities of public education. The Bengaluru-based organization is piloting the program in over 10 local schools, collecting teacher feedback to refine the tool further. Shiksha isn't just cutting corners; it's genuinely enhancing the educational process, identifying activities to better engage students, even in large class settings. zdnet

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  • Google is offering financial rewards for identifying security vulnerabilities in its generative artificial intelligence systems.

  • Publishers claim that AI chatbots like ChatGPT heavily rely on copyrighted news media for information.

  • Amazon introduces AI-powered robots, with labor leader Chris Smalls advocating for unions as a means to safeguard worker rights.

  • Google's AI Chief predicts a 50% chance of achieving Artificial General Intelligence in the next five years.

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Research Review

Nvidia Is Piloting A Generative AI For Its Engineers

Nvidia's generative AI, ChipNeMo, is being tested in-house as a problem-solving tool for engineers. This AI system, a sophisticated spin on a Large Language Model, streamlines workflows by summarizing bug reports, offering guidance, and writing design-tool scripts. ChipNeMo is more than a chatbot; it's a specialized digital companion for engineers, fueled by Nvidia's 30 years of design documents and codes.

The AI's unique strength lies in its retrieval-augmented generation feature, which ensures accuracy and relevance by pulling from Nvidia's vast internal data. It's a key player in two vital areas: guiding engineers with script writing for intricate design tools, and condensing lengthy bug reports into actionable paragraphs. This dual-function makes ChipNeMo a promising tool for productivity enhancement. towardsdatascience

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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