AI Showdown: Google Competes With ChatGPT

PLUS: Day Of AI Curriculum Meets The Moment

Good morning! Today we're covering DeepMind introducing the Gemini chatbot to compete with ChatGPT, MIT RAISE's Day of AI attracting 8,000 global participants and how we can achieve a sustainable future for AI.

Let’s get to it!

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Top News & Why It Matters

| ChatGPT Rival Emerges, Linked To Wordle Creator, And Soon-To-Be-Elementary School Teachers?

DeepMind is gearing up to challenge ChatGPT with a new chatbot called Gemini. Powered by techniques from the AI system behind the famous Go-victory, AlphaGo, Gemini aims to not only analyse text, but also plan and solve problems. We may have an AI showdown on our hands!

In related (and retro) news, the Windows 3.1 Wordle dev is back with WinGPT, a ChatGPT client compatible with older Windows systems. Fire up your '90s machine and chat with AI on the DL. techcrunch, arstechnica, techradar

Why does this matter?

AI's inclusion in classrooms could transform education and relieve the workload of teachers, but it's not without risks. While it can offer personalized learning and automated knowledge distribution, it may also introduce issues such as cheating and potential job disruption. Let's hope that as AI enters the educational arena, responsible deployment and preparation will minimize these concerns and maximize the positive impact on students' lives.

| Day Of AI Curriculum Meets The Moment

The second annual Day of AI by MIT Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education (RAISE) attracted over 8,000 registrations from all 50 US states and 108 countries. The free curriculum, designed by MIT RAISE, covers the basics and responsible use of artificial intelligence for kids of all ages, with 2023's theme touching on timely topics like ChatGPT in School, Teachable Machines, and AI and Social Media.

Day of AI in Australia also took off, reaching 85,000 students in over 400 secondary schools. MIT News

Why does this matter?

Events like Day of AI foster a more inclusive approach to AI and prepare the next generation of AI professionals. By bringing student perspectives to ethical and societal concerns surrounding AI, the curriculum empowers them to shape the digital future in a thoughtful manner. This proactiveness is crucial, as it’s easier to steer the AI and ethics conversation in the right direction early on, instead of playing catch-up later.

| Achieving A Sustainable Future For AI

Achieving a sustainable future for AI is no small feat, but it's possible with the right mindset and strategies. After all, while AI's growing prominence has led to significant environmental implications, it can also help identify areas to reduce carbon emissions at scale.

For instance, AI-powered optimizations can massively reduce energy consumption in data centres and make computing more carbon-aware.

Moreover, AI can be a valuable tool in determining the value and quality of data, allowing superfluous data to be discarded, ultimately saving on cost and energy. technologyreview

Why does this matter?

Companies must approach AI project design more sustainably – emphasizing data quality over quantity, considering the accuracy needed for specific use cases, leveraging domain-specific models, and balancing hardware and software across edge devices and cloud infrastructure. This may require challenging existing approaches and methodologies, but even small adjustments can lead to large, collective improvements in the environmental impact of AI.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence

| Our Top Picks

✅ Gamma App: AI-powered tool for creating polished and engaging content. (website)

✅ Photoshot: AI avatars from uploaded selfies with custom prompts. (website)

✅ Crux: Summarizes Slack for quick decisions. (website)

✅ Cogniflow: Train and use pre-trained AI models for various tasks. (website)

✅ Adept: An AI teammate for taking action on your computer. (website)

| Lunch & Learn

📝 Text: RL Course by David Silver - Lecture 1: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning (link)

🎧 Audio: 662: The Most Popular Super Data Science Podcast Episodes of 2022 by Super Data Science (link)

📽️ Video: How will AI change he world? By Ted-ed -2 (link)

What Else Is Happening

| More News

🗞️ Forgive or forget: What happens when robots lie? (source)

🗞️ Ads for major brands are appearing on AI-generated spam sites. (source)

🗞️ Robots and Rights: Confucianism Offers Alternative. (source)

| Best of AI Social Media

💬 It looks like you can use ChatGPT to bypass paywalls (Reddit)

💬 ChatGPT as Reflection (Reddit)

💬 "Google DeepMind’s CEO says its next algorithm will eclipse ChatGPT" (Reddit)

| Research Review

Inferring Hierarchical Structure In Multi-Room Maze Environments (Full Paper)

Daria de Tinguy et al.

∑ Summary: This paper introduces a hierarchical active inference model for efficient exploration and navigation, combining curiosity-driven and goal-oriented behavior with cognitive maps.

!? Practical implications: The development of efficient, curiosity-driven exploration and goal-oriented search in hierarchical cognitive maps could potentially revolutionize industries that rely on autonomous navigation, such as delivery and transportation, by increasing the speed and adaptability of their systems.

Adversarial Robustness Certification For Bayesian Neural Networks (Full Paper)

Matthew Wicker et al.

∑ Summary: This study explores methods to certify the robustness of Bayesian neural networks (BNNs) against adversarial input perturbations and presents a unified computational framework for efficiently bounding them.

!? Practical implications: This research could lead to improvements in the safety and reliability of AI systems in various industries, such as autonomous vehicles, by providing a method to certify the robustness and uncertainty of BNN predictions in the face of adversarial attacks.

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