AI Use In Music Done Right: A Blueprint For Other Industries

PLUS: Human brain cells integrated with a computer chip achieve speech recognition.

Good morning. Today is Wednesday, December 13th and in today's news we're looking at AI transforming music creation, harnessing AI to bring history to life, and a VC firm's billion-dollar bet on the future of AI. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Deadmau5-Founded Startup Korus Taps Into AI For Music Creation

Korus is transforming music creation with its Sound Mosaic algorithm. This innovative tool allows musicians to compose new pieces from existing stem files, ensuring artists retain ownership and share in the royalties. Notably, Korus recently introduced a suite of features aimed at enhancing user creativity, such as interactive visuals and a layering tool. "Each artist is developing their own proprietary AI models," says Inder Phull, Pixelynx CEO, underlining the unique, personalized touch Korus brings to music production.

The platform's collaboration with Netflix's 'Black Mirror' signals an ambitious fusion of music, film, and TV. Korus isn't just about music; it's about building communities through playlists and rewarding engagement with digital collectibles. Phull envisions a future where AI enriches our experiences: "We hope to show that [the future with AI] isn't going to be the case and will always try to have fun with our partners along the way." As the boundaries between different artistic mediums blur, Korus positions itself at the forefront of this evolving landscape. techcrunch

How GenAI Can Turn An Autobiography Into An Interactive Black History Lesson

Harnessing the power of Generative AI, Kobie Fuller's innovative use of technology breathes life into historical narratives. Imagine conversing with James Lowry, a trailblazer in DEI work, through the lens of AI. Fuller's "Kobie AI" transforms Lowry's autobiography into a dynamic dialogue, enabling profound engagement with Lowry’s wisdom without the reader needing to digest 300 pages. "The book's amazing, and this is basically representing the book to you in this interactive fashion," Fuller explains, highlighting the depth and sophistication of the AI-facilitated conversations.

This AI doesn't just mimic; it resonates with Lowry's authentic voice, drawing on his lived experiences to answer inquiries on DEI and his personal journey. "I thought this would be powerful in terms of sharing the insights and wisdom that I accumulated over the years," Lowry reflects on the potential of his digital persona. This isn't just a tool for today—it's a legacy for tomorrow, offering future generations a unique window into the past. techcrunch

Sapphire Ventures On Its Billion-Dollar Commitment To AI

The browser moment of AI. This is how Jai Das of Sapphire Ventures describes the generative AI wave, likening the debut of ChatGPT to the Netscape Navigator launch. With a $1 billion commitment on top of $2.4 billion already injected into AI, Sapphire's portfolio spans multiple AI generations, focusing on platforms that drive efficiency, like Alteryx and ThoughtSpot, and newer investments like Weights & Biases. "We are just in the first innings of what generative AI can do," Das asserts, foreseeing AI's transformative impact on work and security, especially with the impending 2024 presidential election.

Discipline in valuation. Despite the allure of high-stake investments in AI, Sapphire Ventures maintains a cautious approach. Seeking a 3x return, Das emphasizes the importance of measured participation in deals to ensure fund profitability. "If you make 10 really expensive deals, and one takes off... it might not be a great return," he cautions. With a long-term vision for AI's role in enterprise software, Sapphire's strategy is not just about riding the current wave but investing in a journey that spans a decade. crunchbase

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Human Brain Cells Hooked Up To A Chip Can Do Speech Recognition

Brainoware, a fusion of human brain cells and a computer chip, marks a groundbreaking leap in bio-computing. Indiana University's Feng Guo and his team have pioneered this hybrid system that showcases the potential for brain organoids to perform computational tasks, including speech recognition. "It's exciting to see the possibilities of organoids for biocomputing in the future," says Guo. Despite the system's lower accuracy compared to artificial neural networks, its ability to process and learn from information hints at a future where bio-computers could surpass silicon-based counterparts in complex data handling.

The study's implications stretch further than the lab. If brain-based chips can already tackle speech recognition rudimentarily, what else lies within the realm of possibility? "This is a first demonstration of using brain organoids [for computing]," Guo notes, emphasizing the importance of this initial step. As Brainoware evolves, its capacity for low-energy processing of intricate information could redefine computational efficiency and the way we approach AI and machine learning. techradar

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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