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PLUS: OpenAI Unveils ChatGPT Plugins, But There's A Catch

Good morning! Today we're covering Amazon leveraging AI to optimize inventory placement and delivery times, OpenAI introducing ChatGPT Plus plugins for $20/month subscriptions, offering interactive features and third-party accessibility and the features Microsoft has added to Bing AI chatbot, including images and info cards in chat responses, and comparison tables for improved search results.

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| Amazon Says Its AI Already Knows What To Stock For You Nearby

Amazon is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to map in-demand products and speed up delivery times. The company's push for "regionalization" involves using AI to determine the best placement of inventory to reduce fulfillment distance and increase delivery speed.

AI will help plan delivery routes, map stops, and account for variables like weather, as well as enhance online shopping for customers. This strategy requires Amazon to analyze data points and patterns for countless products to determine demand in specific geographic areas. Amazon claims 74% of products shipped to customers now come from warehouses in their region. gizmodo

Why does this matter?

This adaptation of AI technology not only holds the potential to further solidify Amazon's position as a leader in online commerce but also sets a precedent for other companies to explore AI's optimization capabilities for their operations and supply chains.

| OpenAI Unveils ChatGPT Plugins, But There's A Catch

OpenAI is rolling out third-party plugins for ChatGPT Plus users to offer more accessibility and interactive features, such as retrieving real-time news, stock prices, and booking flights. However, users need to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription costing $20 a month to access these benefits. With plugins from Expedia, Zillow, Kayak, Instacart, OpenTable, and more, users can search for jobs, find real estate listings, get product recommendations, go shopping, and so on.

The move is aimed at staying competitive in the AI chatbot market and generating income by offering value-added subscription benefits to users. To access the plugins, users can navigate to the Plugin store from their ChatGPT settings and install desired plugins. zdnet

Why does this matter?

This development might push other AI chatbot companies to enhance and expand their offerings to maintain their edge, potentially leading to remarkable advancements in this domain and an increase in user expectations.

| Bing Chat Can Now Respond To Questions With Images, Charts And Other Visual Elements

Microsoft has made some exciting updates to its Bing AI chatbot, enhancing the user experience with more visual elements. Today, they are rolling out a range of new features, including images and info cards in chat responses, and comparison tables for better search results.

The inclusion of images caters to a wider audience, especially users who prefer visual feedback and younger users. Bing's optimized answers format expands beyond shopping, covering areas like weather and finance.

Added perks include a copy button for easy sharing of chatbot responses and additional formatting options for users' questions and prompts. zdnet

Why does this matter?

These updates to Bing AI show Microsoft's commitment to enhancing their chatbot technology and user experience. If successful, these innovations could influence other tech giants to enhance their AI-powered chat features as well.

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| Research Review

Large Language Model Guided Tree-Of-Thought (Full Paper)

Jieyi Long

∑ Summary: The Tree-of-Thought framework enhances auto-regressive language models' problem-solving capabilities via a human-like, backtracking thought process and multi-round conversations among modules.

!? Practical implications: This research could lead to the development of more advanced AI problem-solving systems that better mimic human thought processes, impacting industries and society by increasing the efficiency and scope of AI-assisted decision-making and offering new tools to tackle complex problems.

Question-Answering System Extracts Information On Injection Drug Use From Clinical Progress Notes (Full Paper)

Maria Mahbub et al.

∑ Summary: A question-answering framework is designed to extract injection drug use information from unstructured clinical progress notes in electronic health records, addressing the lack of validated tools for this data.

!? Practical implications: This research could potentially lead to earlier interventions and harm reduction strategies for individuals at risk due to injection drug use, ultimately improving their health outcomes and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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