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PLUS: New RAG technique allows structured querying across documents using semantics and metadata.

Welcome back. Today is Friday, December 22nd and in today's news Apple Research is unveiling dazzling AI capabilities for iPhones, OpenAI struck a content deal with Axel Springer unbeknownst to its journalists, and Google AI is replacing some ad sales roles. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Apple Research Reveals Some Dazzling AI Tech Could Be Headed To Your IPhone

[Apple's foray into advanced AI technology is crystallizing, with recent research unveiling on-device capabilities that could revolutionize iPhone functionalities. Their technique, dubbed 'HUGS', transforms short video clips into animatable avatars in mere minutes, promising a new era of personalization. Meanwhile, their work on enabling large language models (LLMs) to operate on iPhones suggests a generative AI-powered Siri could become a reality, enhancing the device's utility and user interaction.

The implications of HUGS for iPhone users are profound, not only enhancing the realism in social media and AR applications but also potentially revitalizing the Vision Pro experience. With LLMs possibly running on flash memory, this paves the way for more sophisticated AI tools that are accessible directly from users' pockets, shifting the paradigm of mobile computing and AI integration. zdne

Journalists Had 'No Idea' About OpenAI's Deal To Use Their Stories

In an unanticipated revelation, journalists from Axel Springer's publications were kept in the dark about OpenAI's licensing agreement to utilize their articles in AI-driven products. This significant move marks a departure from the contentious practice of data scraping, as OpenAI demonstrates a willingness to form paid partnerships with media conglomerates. "This is exactly what media companies failed to establish back in the day with Google or Facebook," says Axel Springer spokesperson Julia Sommerfield, underscoring the deal's potential to forge new revenue streams for journalism.

While the deal's structure aims not to infringe individual copyrights, it remains unclear how it will translate to direct benefits for the journalists involved. Labor unions and writer advocacy groups are actively examining the implications, seeking ways to safeguard their members' work and debating the long-term impacts on the media landscape. "If reading the news within AI tools becomes more popular, it could crater traffic-driven digital advertising revenue and generate a whole new media crisis," points out Nick Diakopoulos, a professor of computational journalism. futurism

Google Might Already Be Replacing Some Ad Sales Jobs With AI

As Google embraces its generative AI capabilities, the impact on its workforce becomes increasingly palpable. A report suggests significant changes in the company's large customer sales unit, with AI stepping in to automate roles previously held by employees. This shift is a direct consequence of Google's AI tools enhancing efficiency and potentially leading to job consolidations or even layoffs.

The "new era of AI-powered ads" Google announced promises a conversational experience within Google Ads, boasting the ability to autonomously generate campaign materials. This technology amalgamates the roles of designer and sales expert, suggesting a future where human intervention in ad sales could become the exception, not the rule. [arstechnica](

Why does this matter?

As Google's AI begins to shoulder more responsibilities in ad sales, one must ponder the implications for creative professions. Could the next frontier for AI be to not only generate ads but to also craft narratives that resonate on a human level, challenging the premise that creativity is solely a human attribute?

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