How Biden's Order Impacts Healthcare

PLUS: Google DeepMind’s Robotics Head On Generative AI

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What Biden’s AI Executive Order Means For Biotech And Healthcare

AI takes center stage in Biden's latest executive order, which acts, amongst other things, as a blueprint for its responsible use in healthcare and biotech. The directive doesn't just aim to catch up with AI's current applications; it's a forward thrust, a call to sculpt the future of patient care and drug development. Each move weaved into the order is designed to minimize the chances of algorithmic blunders and biases, which will enhance the efficacy of medicine creation and patient treatment. The healthcare industry has already embraced AI, from drug manufacturers to hospitals, but it's clear the journey is just beginning.

Stakeholders are on standby, parsing through the implications and gathering input for their official responses. Striking the right balance between safety, privacy, and the freedom to innovate will require time and heated debate. The directive pushes the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a safety program to handle reports of unsafe AI practices in healthcare. It also aligns healthcare data under a National AI Research Resource. The endgame? Aligning best practices and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring AI's safe, secure, and beneficial use. fastcompany

Google DeepMind’s Robotics Head On Generative AI

Generative AI in the field of robotics isn't breaking news, but its importance continues to amplify. Google DeepMind's robotics head, Vincent Vanhoucke, sheds light on the role of Generative AI in modern robotics, emphasizing its centrality. Generative AI, he argues, is the key to 'common-sense reasoning' in robots, enabling them to understand and interact with the everyday world.

The fascinating leap from language models to common-sense reasoning is a testament to the versatility of AI. Vanhoucke explains, "Language models are not really about language. They're about common sense reasoning and understanding of the everyday world." If a language model understands where a cup of coffee might be found, it's a small step to apply this knowledge to a robot in a real-world environment. techcrunch

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This AI Can Tell If Your Home Is Wasting Energy — Just By Looking At It

Harnessing the power of AI, researchers from the University of Cambridge have fashioned a deep-learning model capable of identifying energy-inefficient homes. The model, trained on open-source data, can pinpoint parts of a building like windows and roofs that lose most heat, aiding the UK's 2050 decarbonization goal. The researchers, including Dr. Ronita Bardhan, believe this AI solution can guide policymakers towards high-priority houses, saving time and precious resources.

The novelty doesn't end there. Bardhan and Sun, another author, are now refining the model to incorporate more data layers. They're hopeful that this enhancement will not only increase the model's accuracy but also yield further detailed information. AI's potential to extract value from vast data sets is acknowledged as a game-changer in tackling complex problems, including climate change. towardsdatascience

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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