The Biggest Day Since ChatGPT

PLUS: Databricks uses open-source tools to build unified customer views, addressing key challenges.

Welcome back. Today is Tuesday, November 7th and in today's news OpenAI unveiled major upgrades like GPT-4 Turbo, instruction following, AI assistants, multi-modality, text-to-speech. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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OpenAI’s New Models, Tools, APIs, & More

In the biggest day of AI news since ChatGPT released, OpenAI extends its already significant lead in the AI market.

Here’s our summary of what was announced, and why it matters.

  1. GPT-4 Turbo

    This new model can process 4-8x more text than previous generates of GPT-4, unlocking many new AI use cases such as reading full industry reports, engaging in longer conversations, summarising entire research papers, and more.

    If that wasn’t enough, it’s also 2-3x cheaper.

  2. Better instruction following

    GPT-4 turbo is not just bigger and cheaper, but better. It’s been trained to follow nuanced instructions with more care, and more consistently adhere to requests for specific output formats.

    What’s more, GPT-3.5 also received these updates, providing an even cheaper and faster, yet reliable solution. We recommend this for simpler use cases that wouldn’t involve complex reasoning or creativity.

  3. Assistants

    Assistants are basically OpenAI’s version of an AI ‘bot’ or ‘agent’ that has access to data, tools and specific instructions. They can be customised to independently perform a sequence of actions, or hold long-term conversations, and can lean on custom documents you provide. This makes building customer support bots, teaching assistants, advisors, coaches, and more a whole lot easier.

  4. Multi-modality

    The ChatGPT interface has been able to analyse and generate images for a while now, however these capabilities are now available via API. These means they can be integrated into our products and services, and could be used by businesses from custom t-shirt production to marketing content generation to logo design to any number of image classification tasks.

  5. Text-to-speech

    Generating realistic audio has been a long-term challenge of AI developers. While ElevenLabs have clearly led the field for the better part of 2023, OpenAI is on the block now, so expect a whole lot of products to soon be equipped with human-like generated audio.

  6. Copyright Shield

    What would be headline news on anything day, OpenAI’s Copyright Shield means they are following Google, Adobe and others to defend their customers from copyright claims.

  7. Multiple functions calling

    GPT can now interact with multiple tools at a time. For instance, you could give it access to a range of products, and depending on the specific request, it would choose which one is most appropriate to use.

Beyond the hype

Today will no doubt go down as one of the biggest product updates in history.

While enabling many businesses and developers, it’s also likely disrupted many startups who’d been working on text-to-speech, AI agents, AI models with more memory… the list goes on.

From a business perspective, today demonstrates how important it is for founders in the current tech-giant-dominated world to ensure that new products and solutions cannot be replaced by a few chatbot upgrades or new features. Strive to build solutions for specific customers with specific needs, knowing anything with general applications across multiple industries will inevitable be solved by one of our tech-giant overlords.

Staying safe in an AI world

If you weren’t yet convinced, it should be clear that we now live in an AI world, and there’s no going back.

With the world gaining increased access to state-of-the-art image and audio generation, we should increase our skepticism of digital content that’s not from trusted sources, and be wary of online privacy as we move closer and closer to lifelike digital clones that can mimic your appearance and voice.

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Practical AI

Building A Single Customer View Using Open-Source Tools And Databricks

In the evolving landscape of customer data management, building a single customer view (SCV) is a critical undertaking. The process, however, can be fraught with complexities arising from data quality limitations, cost considerations, and the need for compliance with data handling regulations.

Databricks, an open-source, Spark-based cloud computing platform, offers a solution. It enables the construction of a data quality and record linkage pipeline. This approach addresses the challenges of data quality, cost, and compliance, and it does so without the need for expensive third-party master data management (MDM) tools.

The workflow involves implementing data profiling and validation checks using the 'Great Expectations' library, ensuring compliance with data protection and retention policies, and using the 'Splink' library for probabilistic record linkage within customer datasets. The final step involves the application of golden record logic to deduplicate and link disparate customer datasets, resulting in the coveted SCV.

However, building an SCV isn't the end of the journey - it's just the beginning. An SCV opens the door to numerous impactful data science and analytics applications. These can help a business market more efficiently, understand their customers better, and deliver superior service. towardsdatascience

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Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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