ChatGPT IOS Now Bing Upgraded

PLUS: Amazon Launches AWS AppFabric To Help Customers Connect Their SaaS Apps

Good morning! Today we're looking at OpenAI's ChatGPT app now featuring built-in Bing search on iOS, Amazon introducing AWS AppFabric, a no-code service that connects SaaS apps and how only humans can win a Grammy, not AI-created music

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Top News & Why It Matters

| OpenAI's ChatGPT Now Features Built-In Bing Search Functionality On IOS

OpenAI's ChatGPT app now features built-in Bing search capability. This means - it can access up-to-date knowledge about the world from the Internet! The feature, fittingly named 'Browsing', is a new addition to the premium version of the app, ChatGPT Plus, and comes in handy to answer those questions that go beyond the bot's original training data, which cuts off in 2021.

Browsing from Bing can be enabled on both iOS and Android versions of the app. However, this Bing exclusivity might leave a bitter taste on some folks' tongues - after all, Bing isn't exactly the holy grail of search engines. techcrunch, theverge

Why does this matter?

With this update, ChatGPT stands out as a unique research tool - efficient, witty, and now in sync with the most recent information. But here's the catch - Bing has had its run-ins with delivering a high dose of disinformation in the past; so should we worry about ChatGPT too? It's a risk, yes, but also another instance where AI pushes us to question the transparency of data sources - a dialogue that urgently needs to be central in this fast-evolving world of artificial intelligence.

| Amazon Launches AWS AppFabric To Help Customers Connect Their SaaS Apps

Amazon has launched AWS AppFabric, a new AI-powered, no-code service aimed at bridging the gap between software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps in enterprise environments. According to Amazon, it offers better security and management and removes the need for companies to build and maintain connections between various apps.

Beneath the surface, what's really shaking things up is how the service leverages AWS's Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework to analyse apps for patterns and threats.

And did I mention it'll soon have an AI assistant courtesy of Amazon's Bedrock generative AI platform - that'll be able to process complex tasks like turning long email threads into a task in Asana, or a JIRA ticket or a CRM entry. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

Of course, Amazon isn't alone in this space, with integration-platforms-as-a-service (iPaaS) expected to boom in the coming years. But AWS is relying on its brand and immense infrastructure to stand tall among rivals. Notably, AppFabric only supports 17 apps at launch, which is considerably fewer than the average company's arsenal of 130. The looming challenge will be for Amazon to deliver on its promises - particularly around the capabilities of its AI assistant - to truly capture the market and justify all the hype.

| ‘Only Human Creators’ Can Win A Grammy, But AI Isn’t Totally Forbidden

Budding musicians with an AI penchant here's some news: despite AI's ever-growing role in music, you need to be meaningfully human to win at the Grammys. According to the awards show's brand-new update, only human creators can vie for the prestigious award. In essence, if AI merely played a tool-like role in your music piece, you're in the clear.

Too much AI, though, and you might strike a sour note - song lyrics written by AI, for instance, would make you ineligible. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

This definitely shines a spotlight on how creatives can navigate AI usage while remaining authentically "human." It reflects a broader quandary too, as we grapple with the consequences of AI applications in other domains. From deep fakes seeping into streaming platforms to AI-created texts swamping publishers, perhaps it's time we considered nuanced policies - much like the Grammys - that distinguish valid, creative AI use from exploitation. After all, it’s clear that AI, while being a promising innovation, can also easily teeter into the realm of disruption.

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!? Practical implications: Increased understanding and transparency in machine learning models through techniques like evolutionary computing could lead to the development of more ethical AI systems, reducing risks of inadvertently biased decisions and potentially fostering increased public acceptance and adoption of AI technologies.

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!? Practical implications: This research could result in industries beyond gaming, such as education and training, utilizing reinforcement learning agents to tailor difficulty levels more accurately and effectively based on human performance, potentially leading to more personalized experiences and improved outcomes.

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