ChatGPT Outperformed By Chinese Chatbot

PLUS: OpenAI Brings The Competition To DeepMind’s Doorstep With New London Office

Good morning! Today we're covering Baidu's AI model Ernie 3.5 surpassing ChatGPT in performance, Centaur Labs' app, DiagnosUs, gamifying medical data labeling to advance AI and OpenAI opening its first international office in London, bringing competition to AI giant DeepMind.

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Top News & Why It Matters

| China's Baidu AI Surpasses ChatGPT In Performance Amid Security Concerns

Chinese tech giant Baidu's latest version of its AI model, Ernie 3.5, has allegedly outperformed ChatGPT, the current gold standard for AI chatbots, in some key performance metrics. Baidu could provide heavyweight competition to both ChatGPT and Google's AI model, Bard. Meanwhile, people haven't completely fallen for the charms of ChatGPT, with 81% of consumers expressing concern about its security risks and over 60% distrusting the information it provides, according to a survey by Malwarebytes. Oh, and it's possible that ChatGPT even goes against the legal principle of textual integrity. techradar, techradar

Why does this matter?

Baidu flexing its AI muscles is a game-changing move that could kick off an international AI arms race. The Western AI establishment, headlined by OpenAI and Google, may now have to contend with a new Eastern power. And as AI fearmongering goes into overdrive, the needle on the public-trust-o-meter heading south could spur tighter regulation of AI chatbots everywhere. Call me idealistic, but perhaps this cloud of scepticism could pave the way for AI companies to embrace transparency and redouble efforts to enhance security.

| Gamifying Medical Data Labelling To Advance AI

Centaur Labs, founded by MIT graduate Erik Duhaime, is revolutionizing the world of medical data labelling. The company's app, DiagnosUs, gamifies the process of diagnosing real-world scientific and biomedical data, allowing medical students and professionals to earn small cash prizes for accurate diagnoses.

These diagnoses are then used to advance AI in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other areas.

Ever have that moment when you realize your late-night studying could actually be turned into a lucrative and world-changing platform? That’s the kind of "aha" moment Duhaime had, leading to millions of diagnostic data points gathered weekly around the world. MIT News

Why does this matter?

While the traditional image of data labelling may conjure up notions of tedious mundane work, Centaur Labs upends this by not only gamifying the process but by effectively integrating crowdsourced human expertise with AI. It's not just about training algorithms, but establishing an on-demand expert human judgment platform that continuously improves AI performance. This approach doesn’t leave AI development solely to tech giants and it showcases the immense value of fostering a symbiotic relationship between AI and human intelligence – thus empowering the everyday user in the lifecycle of AI development. A surprising outcome so far? Some of the best performers come from unexpected corners of the globe, shaking up the notion of where 'expertise' can be found and making big steps towards democratizing AI development. So next time you're pulling an all-nighter studying or mastering trivia facts, remember: it might just be the start of a ground-breaking venture.

| OpenAI Brings The Competition To DeepMind’s Doorstep With New London Office

The AI startup, backed by Microsoft, is opening its first international outpost in none other than London. It's safe to say that OpenAI is definitely setting up shop right on DeepMind's turf, bringing the heat of competition to this established AI giant's doorstep.

But why London? Two words: Talent Pool.
London is a veritable Mecca of high-calibre data science talent, thanks to its rich academic history and global startup ecosystem. So, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman sees it as an opportunity to rope in said talent while driving AGI innovation and policy development – and we can't wait to see what bangers and mash-ups they create together. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

While this move poses direct competition for DeepMind, OpenAI's London office could also bring about a rising tide that lifts all boats within the city's AI sector. By attracting even more talented individuals to London, we might see an increase in cross-industry collaboration, fostering greater innovation, and a wider focus on AI-friendly policies. Additionally, the presence of two AI heavyweights in one city could create a more influential collective voice in proposing balanced AI regulations – an issue both companies are invested in.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence

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!? Practical implications: The advancements in automated decision-making in motorsports strategy may find applications in other fields, such as logistics or transportation, where optimal timing and resource allocation significantly impact performance and efficiency.

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∑ Summary: The research proposes a Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) training framework called Diversity is Strength (DIS) that enhances AI's capabilities and strategy diversities, proved effective through an AI competition based on Google Research Football.

!? Practical implications: The development of this AI training framework i.e., Diversity is Strength (DIS), could lead to the creation of more sophisticated AI solutions in industries such as gaming, logistics, or defense, where multi-agent environment strategies are essential, potentially increasing efficiency, competition and productivity within these sectors.

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