EU Laws Crack Down On AI

PLUS: Google unveils NotebookLM writing assistant.

Welcome back. Today is Monday, December 11th and today we're looking at the EU setting global AI regulation standards, MIT creating systems to teach human-AI collaboration, and Boston Dynamics predicting an AI revolution in robotics. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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EU Lawmakers Bag Late Night Deal On ‘Global First’ AI Rules

In a landmark move, the EU has set a global precedent with a political deal on AI regulation. The agreement painstakingly reached after intense negotiations positions the EU at the forefront of AI governance. It introduces a risk-based framework, balancing innovation with fundamental rights. Ursula von der Leyen celebrates, "A unique legal framework for the development of AI you can trust."

The legislation draws clear lines on AI's use in public surveillance, while carving out exceptions under strict conditions. High-risk AI applications face stringent scrutiny, and foundational models, like ChatGPT, must comply with transparency obligations. The act also anticipates a phased implementation, signaling a grace period for adaptation. techcrunch

Automated System Teaches Users When To Collaborate With An AI Assistant

AI and human collaboration has evolved. It's not just about using AI; it's about understanding when to rely on it. MIT researchers have devised an automated system that teaches this discernment, focusing on AI assistants in image-based tasks such as medical diagnoses. Their onboarding process, tested in scenarios like identifying traffic lights in blurry images, resulted in a 5% improvement in task accuracy. The system does more than inform—it trains through practice and feedback, tailoring the learning experience to real-world data interactions.

Trust is nuanced. The MIT system identifies when AI advice is misaligned with the correct outcome, and then uses natural language to explain these instances to users. This is crucial; simply telling users when to trust AI without this training leads to poorer performance. The system's flexibility means it can adapt across various tasks, potentially revolutionizing training in fields like medicine. MIT News

Robotics Q&A With Boston Dynamics’ Aaron Saunders

Generative AI is revolutionizing robotics, with Boston Dynamics’ CTO, Aaron Saunders, illuminating the path ahead. Foundation models are not just redefining machine learning; they're accelerating natural language and computer vision capabilities for robots. Saunders predicts a shift beyond conversation and vision to "robotic planning and control." This evolution is key, as robots gain the ability to understand and interact with their environment in richer, more nuanced ways.

The humanoid debate continues. Efficiency trumps form, exemplified by 'Stretch' over 'Atlas' for moving boxes. Yet, Saunders acknowledges the allure of humanoids in a world tailored to our shape. He hints at a future where robots, currently thriving in structured settings, will venture into unpredictable terrains like construction and healthcare. Here, the balance of skilled labor demand and supply may tip in favor of robotics. techcrunch

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In the ever-evolving realm of AI, Google's NotebookLM presents itself as a transformative tool for writers. Steven Johnson, a seasoned author now part of Google, unveils this AI-driven companion, designed to ease the creative process. NotebookLM is not merely an organizational aid; it's an intellectual partner capable of digesting extensive materials to offer insights and answer queries, courtesy of Google's Gemini LLM technology. It's a nuanced blend of a writer's intuition and AI's computational prowess, offering both citations for verification and suggestions to spur deeper exploration. thenextweb

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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