A First Look at Window’s 11 Copilot

PLUS: Big Tech Backs Scriptic's $5.7M Expansion In Phone-First Generative AI Content Library

Good morning! Today we’re looking at Microsoft launching Windows 11's AI-powered Copilot for Dev users, Scriptic raising $5.7M to expand its AI-generated mobile gaming content and how confidential computing could bolster security for generative AI adoption.

Let’s get to it!

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Top News & Why It Matters

| Windows 11’s AI-Powered Copilot (and Its Bing-Powered Ads) Enters Public Preview

Ready to see AI take flight in your day-to-day computing? Microsoft has just rolled out Windows 11's Copilot in its Windows Insider Preview build for Dev users. This generative AI, which can be accessed with the snappy Windows + C command, promises some slick features – it can create AI images using OpenAI's DALL-E 2 model and later versions will even adjust a wider range of Windows settings. But, it's not all smooth flying just yet, with things like third-party plugin support yet to be included. arstechnica

Why does this matter?

The true value of Copilot's integration into the most visible and hard-to-ignore product of Microsoft's arsenal isn't just about the wow factor of AI. It's a major indicator of Microsoft's aggressive AI push and could foreshadow a future where AI-human collaboration becomes second nature in our digital environments. However, it also highlights key challenges in implementing AI on such a large-scale platform, grappling with issues of compatibility, functionality, and possibly, privacy.

| Big Tech Backs Scriptic's $5.7M Expansion In Phone-First Generative AI Content Library

Storytelling platform Scriptic, formerly known as ElectricNoir, has secured $5.7 million in funding to expand its AI-generated mobile gaming content. Led by Bitkraft Ventures with participation from the Amazon Alexa Fund, Tower 26 and more, this round aims to back Scriptic's external writers, who can now share and monetize their own phone-first stories on the platform.

Scriptic leverages varied AI tools to create intuitive, immersive experiences and might soon be our virtual answer to Agatha Christie-meets-Agario! techcrunch, techcrunch

Why does this matter?

This phase of investment indicates a broader trend of "meta-media" - media content that blends traditional methods like text and video with cutting-edge digital capabilities powered by AI. Big Tech giants are keen on inserting themselves in renewed content creation, moving from being just enablers to active participants in the creative process. While this opens up infinite possibilities for the gaming industry, it'll be interesting to see how this play of power creates waves in terms of media ownership and control.

| How Confidential Computing Could Secure Generative AI Adoption

Well, things might start looking up for generative AI! This advanced form of AI holds vast potential, but its inherent ability to create also opens up a fresh set of security and privacy concerns. Can you blame businesses for being cautious?

Enter confidential computing—a shiny new approach to data security, ensuring data protection and code integrity while in use. Generative AI's unique vulnerability, due to its ability to digest an entire organization's data, has met its match. Your move, cybersecurity.

But like with every powerful tool, there's a catch. While it's great at tackling security issues, the looming sensitivity of data and privacy isn't disappearing anytime soon. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

Though confidential computing promises a more secure future for generative AI, business leaders need to tread carefully. It's one thing to ensure data security, but enterprises also need to remain vigilant about strict data requirements and evolving privacy regulations. This blend of data responsibility, regulatory compliance, and technological innovation is not a straightforward one, and can potentially lead to unintended compromises, or worse, breaches. So while the security potential is promising, navigating the tangled web of regulatory compliance shouldn't be underestimated.

| Become A World-Class Writer

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Mastering Artificial Intelligence

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What Else Is Happening

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| Best of AI Social Media

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| Research Review

Interdisciplinary Methods In Computational Creativity: How Human Variables Shape Human-Inspired AI Research (Full Paper)

Nadia M. Ady, Faun Rice

∑ Summary: The study evaluates how human concepts, specifically creativity, are translated into artificial intelligence and computational creativity, stressing the need for researchers to document their decisions and provide context for their practices.

!? Practical implications: This research could potentially provoke changes in industry guidelines and pedagogical approaches in AI and computational creativity fields by encouraging more nuanced interpretations of human concepts, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and potentially leading to more innovative and ethically sound AI technologies.

Computationally Assisted Quality Control For Public Health Data Streams (Full Paper)

Ananya Joshi et al.

∑ Summary: The FlaSH framework, an outlier detection system built specifically for public health data, outperforms existing methods in identifying helpful irregularities in real-time data streams, aiding data-driven decision-making significantly.

!? Practical implications: The non-obvious second-order effects of this research could be the potential for FlaSH to be applied to other large-scale, real-time data streams in different industries, allowing quicker identification of anomalies, and leading to faster problem resolution, informed decision-making, and improved operational efficiency.

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