Gemini, Copilot GPT-4 Turbo Upgrade, Voice Cloning

PLUS: Microsoft Copilot integrates GPT-4 Turbo & Dall-E models.

Welcome back. Today is Thursday, December 7th and we're looking at Google unveiling its ChatGPT rival Gemini and voice cloning startup Respeecher gaining funding for its ethics-based approach. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Google Just Launched Gemini, Its Long-Awaited Answer To ChatGPT

In the AI race, Google's Gemini steps up the game. This multimodal AI, adept at processing text, images, and video, is Google's play to reclaim AI dominance. With the initial rollout in Bard and upcoming integrations across Google's suite, including a developer-friendly API, Gemini's potential is palpable. Demis Hassabis of Google DeepMind captures the sentiment: "It's a big moment for us."

Gemini's versions—Ultra, Nano, and Pro—each serve distinct purposes, with Pro already enhancing Bard's capabilities. Google's confidence is backed by Gemini outperforming GPT-3.5 in several benchmarks. Eli Collins of DeepMind notes, "Gemini is state-of-the-art across a wide range of benchmarks." The question lingers: How will this technological leap affect the broader AI ecosystem? wired

Respeecher’s Ethics-First Approach To AI Voice Cloning Locks In New Funding

Respeecher's voice cloning technology is carving out a niche in a crowded market. The Ukrainian startup's recent $1 million in funding underscores a commitment to ethical practices in a field rife with controversy. Known collaborations with giants like Star Wars and CD Projekt highlight Respeecher's prowess. Unlike competitors, they focus on refining actors' voices, not just generating new ones—think prosthetic voices, not digital fabrications.

Ethical considerations are paramount; Respeecher navigates the nuanced territory of posthumous consent with diligence. "Consent is obtained from those who own the rights," CEO Alex Serdiuk emphasizes. This approach is attracting voice actors to see their voices as assets rather than threats. Partnerships with Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative further cement their reputation for integrity. Despite the turmoil in Kyiv, Respeecher's resilience shines, expanding into meaningful arenas like aiding individuals who've lost their voices. techcrunch

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Microsoft AI Copilot Gets GPT-4 Turbo And Dall-E Upgrade

Microsoft's AI Copilot is set for a significant leap forward with the integration of OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo and Dall-E 3 models. The upgrade promises to enhance the AI's capabilities, particularly in creating detailed and high-quality images – a significant step up from its predecessors. Yusuf Medhi, executive VP at Microsoft, emphasized the potential for tackling "more complex and longer tasks." This development isn't just about sharper images; it's about a more intuitive and capable AI assistant for users across various applications.

The anticipated features, including a Code Interpreter and Deep Search, reflect Microsoft's commitment to optimizing user experience. These tools are designed to handle intricate calculations and deliver precise search results, demonstrating Microsoft's strategy to democratize AI technology. With a substantial investment planned in the UK, Microsoft is not just enhancing its product offerings but also cementing its position as a global AI leader. siliconrepublic

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