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PLUS: Gemini Pro API now integrated with AI Studio and Vertex AI.

Welcome back. Today is Thursday, December 14th and we're looking at Google supercharging its developer tools with generative AI integration and an Australian hospital leveraging AI to accelerate critical diagnosis. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Google Adds Gemini Pro API To AI Studio And Vertex AI

Google's AI Studio and Vertex AI have integrated the Gemini Pro API, offering developers a powerhouse to craft applications with cutting-edge generative AI. As of December 13, this integration has transformed the playing field, simplifying the transition from ideation to deployment. The versatility of Gemini Pro is evident in its support for 38 languages and its ease of customization through adaptable tuning methods. This, coupled with the upcoming enhancements to Vertex AI Search and Conversation, positions Gemini at the forefront of enterprise AI solutions.

The expansion doesn't stop there. Duet AI's foray into developer tools and security operations signals Google's commitment to versatile, AI-infused work environments. While Duet AI will eventually integrate Gemini, its current state remains robust, offering a suite of development and security features that streamline operations. This strategic move places Google's offerings in direct competition with the likes of AWS and Microsoft Azure, catering to a global market hungry for AI efficiency. techrepublic

Mater Hospital Uses AI To Spot Brain Bleeds Faster

At Mater Hospital, AI's integration into radiology is transforming patient care. Consultant radiologist Prof Peter MacMahon highlights the AI's proficiency: "speeding up critical diagnoses and reducing turnaround times." The hospital's AI, developed by Aidoc, has scrutinized over 15,000 patient scans, accurately identifying more than 700 pathologies. Its ability to alert medical staff to urgent cases within minutes is noteworthy, especially with a reported accuracy rate exceeding 90%. The system's design to support, not supplant radiologists, ensures a human element remains integral to patient care.

The impact of AI at Mater Hospital is set to expand, with plans to implement new tools for bone and chest X-ray analysis in the emergency department. This progression aims not just to elevate diagnostic precision but also to alleviate the burden on frontline workers. As AI becomes more entrenched in healthcare, Mater Hospital's approach is a case study in balancing technological advancement with human expertise, a synergy crucial for patient outcomes and staff efficiency. siliconrepublic

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  • OpenAI Signs Licensing Agreement with Axel Springer to Utilize News Content for Advanced Model Training Programs.

  • Microsoft Research introduces Phi-2, a new compact language model designed to deliver advanced natural language understanding with a smaller digital footprint.

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Microsoft Research Debuts Phi-2, New Small Language Model

In their latest stride toward optimizing artificial intelligence, Microsoft Research introduced Phi-2, a 2.7 billion-parameter model that stands out for its smaller scale without compromising on performance. Phi-2's capabilities have shown it can outshine competitors like Google's Gemini Nano 2 in certain tests. This model is a step forward in the quest for efficiency, potentially paving the way for more accessible AI tools for businesses without the heft of larger-scale models.

Phi-2's secret sauce lies in its training data selection and knowledge scaling. By embedding the knowledge from its predecessor, Phi-1.5, into Phi-2, Microsoft Research has not only sped up the training process but also significantly boosted the model's performance. "We further augment our training corpus with carefully selected web data that is filtered based on educational value and content quality," reveal Mojan Javaheripi and Sbastien Bubeck from Microsoft. bbc

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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