Google joins the party. Should Bing be worried?

PLUS: The Summer Project That Birthed The AI Revolution

Good morning! Today we're looking at Google’s plans to add an AI chatbot, videos, and social media posts to its search to compete with Bing, how AI now streamlines processes and increases efficiency, allowing developers to focus on higher-value tasks and The Summer Project from Dartmouth College that marked the beginning of the AI research discipline in 1956.

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Top News & Why It Matters

| Google's Plans To Revamp Search With AI Just Leaked Out

Google plans to incorporate an AI chatbot in its search to rival Microsoft's Bing and aims to make search more "personal" and diverse. According to leaked internal documents, the tech giant also intends to embed short videos and social media posts alongside its standard list of links.

The AI chatbot, named Magi, might debut at Google IO 2023. Its purpose is to help users find results and answers they might not discover through the current search interface. So, expect to hear more about AI and new ways of searching from Google in the upcoming months. techradar

Why does this matter?

The integration of AI chatbots into search engines may redefine the way users interact with the web, prompting significant changes for consumers, search engines, and publishers. As AI advancements continue to evolve, website owners may need to adapt to this new landscape with innovative content strategies.

| AI Will Change The Role Of Developers Forever. Here's Why That's Good News

AI and automation are changing the role of developers for the better by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Rajeswari Koppala, senior manager of DevOps at United Airlines, believes automation presents new opportunities for IT professionals in her department.

'Companies like Travelex and United Airlines are embracing automation to accelerate software deployment cycles, reduce build times, and free up IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks. As a result, IT professionals can concentrate on creating services that meet business requirements.'

'Increased automation doesn't necessarily mean job losses for IT professionals; Efficiency and better working practices can be enjoyed by everyone in the industry.' zdnet

Why does this matter?

Amidst the rapid shifts in the tech landscape, developers must adapt, learn, and view change as an opportunity, as AI and automation become integral to their role. Striking the right balance between human expertise and automation could unlock the potential for building intelligent software development processes, while still encouraging continuous learning and professional growth.

| The Meeting Of The Minds That Launched AI

Dartmouth College's 1956 Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence marked the beginning of the AI research discipline. In these early days, researchers were divided between replicating brain activity and directly solving problems through symbolic logic and algorithms. The project was organized by AI pioneers John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Claude Shannon, and Nathaniel Rochester.

The photo taken during the event highlights notable attendees that would later contribute to the fields of AI, computer science, and information theory, including Oliver Selfridge, Ray Solomonoff, and Peter Milner, who worked on neuropsychology and later contributed to the early development of artificial neural networks. spectrum

Why does this matter?

This early division among AI researchers between brain replication and problem-solving parallels today's debates around the adoption of AI in various industries. Integrating insights from both approaches has the potential to further refine and develop AI capabilities.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence

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What Else Is Happening

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| Research Review

Chatgpt And Works Scholarly: Best Practices And Legal Pitfalls In Writing With Ai (Full Paper)

Bill Tomlinson, Andrew W. Torrance, Rebecca W. Black

∑ Summary: Framework for integrating AI in scholarly writing while considering plagiarism, copyright, and fair use.

!? Practical implications: This research could lead to the establishment of legal and ethical guidelines for using AI in professional writing, potentially transforming the industry by legitimizing AI-assisted content creation and streamlining the research process.

Governance Of The Ai, By The Ai, And For The Ai (Full Paper)

Andrew W. Torrance, Bill Tomlinson

∑ Summary: AI's arrival brings transformative capabilities and necessitates wise governance for both human control over AI and AI's influence on humanity.

!? Practical implications: The rapid advancement of AI technologies may lead to non-obvious second-order effects on industry and society, such as shifts in job market demands and creative fields, as well as potential challenges in establishing ethical AI governance frameworks.

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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