Hollywood Chaos: Will AI replace Screenwriters?

PLUS: Google I/O 2023 This Week: Here's How To Watch

Good Morning! Today we're covering The Writers Guild of America’s pleas for greater control over AI usage in Hollywood, fearing its potential impact on writers' livelihoods, how implementing AI in workplaces demands careful consideration to protect employees and maintain competitiveness and Google’s plans to unveil major AI updates at I/O event.

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| Hollywood’s Screenwriters Are Right To Fear AI

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) demands greater control over AI usage in Hollywood, as AI could significantly impact writers' livelihoods. OpenAI's study places writers in the "fully exposed" category, meaning that AI-generated scripts and additional applications could reduce writing time by 50% or more. For instance, AI scores in the 93rd percentile on SAT reading exams and has already generated stories and poems.

As a response, the WGA is taking action to ensure that AI-generated material is not considered literary or source material, protecting writers' employment and pay from being negatively influenced by AI applications. wired

Why does this matter?

While AI adoption in Hollywood could raise concerns about job displacement and compensation, it may also improve productivity and offer opportunities for diverse creative talents to succeed.

| Bringing A.I. Tools To The Workplace Requires A Delicate Balance

Introducing AI tools in the workplace requires a careful balance to protect employees and maintain competitiveness. Experts say that almost every sector needs to consider becoming AI-first.

While AI has the potential to streamline tasks and improve productivity, leaders must be mindful of the technology’s limitations and biases, as well as its impact on the workforce. AI is quickly altering the skill sets required from knowledge workers and changing companies' staffing needs. nytimes

Why does this matter?

The balance between embracing AI tools and protecting employees can significantly impact future staffing decisions, as companies weigh the value of investing in AI and junior staff over retaining more experienced and expensive workers.

| Google I/O 2023 This Week: Here's How To Watch

Get ready for Google I/O 2023, the tech giant's annual developer conference, which kicks off with its opening keynote on May 10. As with their previous editions, expect to see the unveiling of the latest version of Android, Android 14, and a preview of new concepts and features Google has up its sleeve.

This year's conference, much like last year, will be livestreamed for everyone to join virtually. You can watch it through the embedded YouTube video on the official Google I/O website. zdnet

Why does this matter?

With the pandemic-driven increase in remote and online events, it seems the trend of major conferences like Google I/O being livestreamed and accessible to a wider audience is here to stay.

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Multi-Source Education Knowledge Graph Construction And Fusion For College Curricula (Full Paper)

Zeju Li et al.

∑ Summary: This paper proposes an AI-based framework for knowledge extraction and visualization to improve learning efficiency and explore new educational paradigms in university education.

!? Practical implications: This research could potentially lead to the development of similar AI-driven automated frameworks for a variety of other fields and industries, enabling students and professionals to grasp complex relationships and concepts more efficiently and advance their careers.

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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