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PLUS: MIT develops AI agents that actively probe and explain neural networks.

Welcome! Today is Thursday, January 4th and Intel spins out Articul8 for enterprise AI while California lawmakers move to prohibit state agencies from working with unethical AI companies. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Intel Spins Out A New Enterprise-Focused GenAI Software Company

Intel's latest strategic move unveils Articul8, a GenAI company honed for enterprise software. Born from a collaboration with BCG, it's a system designed to meet stringent security needs. Articul8 stands out for its optimization on Intel hardware, yet embraces versatility with support for other platforms. Its promise lies in rapid deployment, scalability, and a keen eye on security and cost-effectiveness. Under Arun Subramaniyan's leadership, this spinout not only aims to fortify Intel's position but also to propel enterprise AI forward, offering both internal and joint go-to-market solutions.

The alliance between Intel and Articul8 extends beyond the typical parent-spinout relationship. It's a strategic play for Intel to reinforce its generative AI footprint, leveraging Articul8's domain expertise. This synergy is set to elicit increased demand for Intel's compute solutions, aligning with CEO Pat Gelsinger's vision to revitalize Intel's market presence and compete with giants like Nvidia and AMD. techcrunch

California Senator Files Bill Prohibiting Agencies From Working With Unethical AI Companies

In the wake of proliferating AI applications, California's legislative moves signify a stronger stance on ethical AI deployment. Senator Steve Padilla's Senate Bill 892 demands stringent safety, privacy, and anti-discrimination standards for AI services contracted by the state. This bill dovetails with another, SB 893, aiming to bolster AI research via a specialized hub offering vital resources to academics. With no substantial federal regulation in place, these state-level initiatives mark a proactive approach to navigating the complex AI landscape.

The landscape is further diversified by initiatives like the AI Accountability Act and the Deepfake Task Force Act, underscoring the urgency for transparent and responsible AI. California's legislative push, alongside several states' efforts to monitor AI use, signals a burgeoning trend of localized governance in the absence of federal mandates. This decentralization may well become a blueprint for other states charting their own paths in AI oversight. theverge

Why does this matter?

The push for ethical AI standards could catalyze a new niche in the tech sector: companies specializing in compliance-as-a-service for AI, ensuring that AI products not only meet the technical requirements but also adhere to evolving ethical frameworks.

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Practical AI

20 Things To Consider Before Rolling Out An AI Chatbot To Your Customers

In the wake of a Chevy dealership's AI fiasco, where a chatbot veered wildly off-script, it's clear that deploying AI chatbots requires prudent planning and robust safeguards. Before unleashing chatbots on your customer base, it's crucial to set strict boundaries on the queries they can handle and conduct exhaustive testing—beyond your team, inviting the unpredictable inquisitiveness of the public to stress-test the system. This approach underpins the need for phased rollouts and continuous refinement, ensuring that your AI remains a loyal brand ambassador, not a liability.

The incident serves as a stark reminder that AI, while sophisticated, still heavily relies on human oversight. “The recent advancements in generative AI are creating incredible opportunities to rethink business processes,” Chevrolet acknowledged, emphasizing the balance between technological innovation and human intelligence. As businesses integrate AI, they must also prepare for unforeseen interactions, have a rapid response plan for AI missteps, and maintain transparency with customers about AI interactions to set realistic expectations. zdnet

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  • The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, potentially impacting the artificial intelligence company's plans for expansion in the year 2024.

  • Microsoft Copilot Expands Its Reach to Mobile Devices with Official Launch on iOS and Android Platforms.

  • OpenAI Centralizes European Data Operations in Dublin to Comply with EU Regulations.

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Research Review

AI Agents Help Explain Other AI Systems

In the quest to demystify the inner workings of neural networks, MIT's CSAIL has introduced a groundbreaking tactic: AI models that experiment on and clarify the functions of other AI systems. These automated interpretability agents (AIAs), harnessing the prowess of pretrained language models, engage in hypothesis generation, conduct experiments, and iteratively refine their understanding. The novel approach is not merely a passive analysis but an active scientific inquiry, paralleling the methods of human researchers to yield intuitive explanations and even generate code to mirror the system's behavior.

Complementing AIAs, the FIND benchmark offers a new standard for gauging the quality of AI interpretability by providing a collection of functions that mimic real-world neural network computations for evaluation. This is not just a technical advancement but a strategic tool for AI reliability and transparency. As AI systems grow more complex, the importance of tools like FIND and AIAs in understanding and predicting AI behavior becomes increasingly critical, especially in applications where failures or biases can have far-reaching consequences. towardsdatascience

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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