A Low-Code Platform For Building Custom AI Tools

PLUS: Panmnesia's CES 2024 breakthrough introduces a 101x faster AI accelerator for language models.

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Relevance AI’s Low-Code Platform Enables Businesses To Build AI Teams

With a fresh $10 million in its chest, this Australian startup is making it possible for businesses to integrate custom AI agents seamlessly into their workflows. "Our mission is to enable teams only to be limited by their ideas, not their size," says Daniel Vassilev, co-founder of Relevance AI.

The platform's reach is impressive, boasting 6,000 sign-ups and powering over a quarter-million tasks in three months. It's not just about the numbers; it's the quality and versatility of tasks—ranging from customer service to market research—that underscore Relevance AI's impact. "The company believes every team will have hired at least one AI agent by 2025," a vision that reflects the inevitability of AI's integration into the business fabric. techcrunch

AI Companion Robot Helps Some Seniors Fight Loneliness, But Others Hate It

ElliQ, an AI companion developed by Intuition Robotics, is challenging the isolation felt by many seniors. In partnership with NYSOFA, it's reached over 800 New York elders. While some report a decrease in loneliness, others are less charmed, labeling the proactive interactions as overbearing. Engagement is key; ElliQ's cognitive AI technology prompts conversations, medication reminders, and wellness activities, but user reception is a mixed bag.

Officials noted the limited availability of ElliQ, hinting at its success, yet the device's human-like banter and empathy aren't universal hits. "It proactively engages," but what happens when engagement feels like intrusion? Can AI's warmth become too warm, its light too bright? arstechnica

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  • Olli: AI-powered service for custom insights and faster decision-making. (website)

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The Company That Could Make ChatGPT 6 (or 7) Times Faster

Panmnesia's breakthrough at CES 2024 is a game-changer. Their AI accelerator, leveraging Compute Express Link (CXL) 3.0 technology, promises a seismic shift in Large Language Models' (LLMs) capabilities. Imagine this: a shared external memory pool, allowing CPUs and other components to tap into a near-limitless memory capacity. Myoungsoo Jung, Panmnesia's CEO, asserts, "We believe that our CXL technology will be a cornerstone for next-generation AI acceleration systems."

The implications are profound. For servers hosting LLMs, like those powering ChatGPT, Panmnesia's innovation could translate into performance that's not just incremental but multiplicative. A staggering 101 times faster at AI-based search functions than current systems using SSDs. Efficiency isn't just about speed; it's also cost-effectiveness, with reduced energy and operational expenses. "This device is built specifically for large-scale AI applications," Jung emphasizes. techrepublic

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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