Microsoft's Copilot App Launches

PLUS: AMD, Arista Networks, Cloudflare Take Center Stage in Evolving Investment Landscape.

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Welcome! Today is Wednesday, December 27th and we're covering the ElliQ robot companion for seniors, Microsoft's standalone Copilot app, and stocks like AMD surging based on AI prospects. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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Meet ElliQ, The Tabletop AI ‘Sidekick’ Helping Seniors Cope With The Loneliness Epidemic

ElliQ addresses a critical social issue: senior isolation. Designed by Intuition Robotics, this AI companion adapts to individual personalities, offering conversation, games, and practical reminders. CEO Dor Skuler emphasizes its role in friendship and empathy, a stark contrast to mere utility. The device, devoid of human-like features, interacts with users over 30 times daily, significantly reducing reported loneliness. Yet, psychologists caution against AI substituting real human contact, suggesting it might merely dampen the innate drive for social interaction.

The distribution of ElliQ by assistance agencies underscores the balancing act between technological companionship and the essential nature of human connection. While the robot is not a panacea for loneliness, it does provide a level of interaction that can be especially beneficial for those with limited social networks. The challenge remains to ensure that AI complements rather than replaces the human touch in addressing the loneliness epidemic among seniors. fastcompany

Microsoft Copilot Is Now Available As A ChatGPT-Like App On Android

Microsoft has rolled out its Copilot app for Android, severing the tie to the Bing mobile app. Now available in some regions, this standalone app mirrors ChatGPT's functionality, incorporating DALL-E 3's image generation and GPT-4's advanced conversational skills. It's a significant move, with Microsoft capitalizing on the standalone AI app market, providing users with sophisticated tools for text generation and more, without the Bing branding.

The strategy reflects a broader trend of AI integration into daily tech use. Microsoft's decision to launch a dedicated Copilot app indicates a shift towards specialized AI services. While iOS users await their version, the Android app offers a glimpse into a future where AI's ubiquity continues to grow, pushing boundaries of how we interact with tech seamlessly across platforms. theverge

Here Are 3 Stocks — Other Than Nvidia — Getting An AI Premium From Wall Street

The AI industry's investment landscape is rapidly evolving, with stocks like AMD, Arista Networks, and Cloudflare gaining significant attention. AMD's recent upswing by 116% underscores the market's belief in its potential to rival Nvidia in the AI chip sector. The launch of AMD's MI300X AI processors and the strategic partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft highlight the company's robust positioning in a market projected to reach $400 billion over the next four years.

Arista Networks and Cloudflare, too, have seen their stock prices soar by 96% and 87% respectively, propelled by their deepening involvement in AI infrastructure and services. Arista's rebranding to include AI in its customer segment and Cloudflare's partnership with OpenAI, leveraging its global network for efficient AI model operations, exemplify the strategic pivot these companies are making towards AI-integrated offerings. cnbc

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How To Use Leonardo AI To Generate Stunning Artwork And Images

Leonardo AI stands out in the generative AI landscape by offering intuitive controls for creating artwork that goes beyond standard image generation. With Leonardo, users can fine-tune their creations down to the smallest detail, from selecting the desired art style to adjusting image dimensions for a perfect fit. "Select a specific image, and you're able to tweak it, refine it, copy it, and download it," says ZDNET, highlighting the tool's versatility and user-friendly interface. Advanced features like negative prompts allow for even greater customization, ensuring unwanted elements stay out of your artistic vision.

Adoption of Leonardo AI doesn't require deep pockets or technical expertise. Even with the free version, users are granted a generous daily token allowance to explore their creativity. Paid plans begin at $10 a month, offering more features and fewer restrictions. However, "most people should be fine with the free flavor," suggests ZDNET, pointing to the accessibility of Leonardo AI for users at all levels. Whether you're aiming for photorealistic images or stylized art, Leonardo's various modes and elements empower you to generate images that align with your unique creative goals. zdnet

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In the quest for efficiency, AI tools have taken center stage in the marketing strategies of many businesses. A year-long experiment using a coaching enterprise as a testbed revealed a mixed bag of results. Tools like Fathom and Otter AI are transforming the note-taking landscape, allowing for an unprecedented level of presence during client interactions. On the flip side, their capabilities are intrinsically tied to the input they receive – the proverbial GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) principle still holds.

AI's role in content creation is equally noteworthy. It assists in crafting diverse and engaging copy, with one instance showcasing a 40% conversion rate for workshop sign-ups—a task that AI condensed into a mere half-hour. Yet, it's essential to remember that AI is an accelerator, not a creator. The human touch remains irreplaceable, serving as both the inception and the final brushstroke of the brand's voice. towardsdatascience

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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