OpenAI Launches GPT Store

PLUS: AI web agent makes internet more accessible via voice.

Good morning! Today is Thursday, January 11th and we're looking at OpenAI's new GPT app store and SAG-AFTRA's deal with an AI studio for ethical use of digital voice doubles. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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OpenAI’s New App Store Could Turn ChatGPT Into An Everything App

With OpenAI's recent launch of the GPT Store, an app marketplace for ChatGPT, the AI landscape is bracing for a significant shift. The store, exclusive to ChatGPT Plus and business plan subscribers, empowers developers to publish custom GPTs, leveraging OpenAI's platform to enrich user experience. This initiative echoes the app store models of tech giants, aiming to keep users engaged with fresh, diverse content. The GPT Store is already showing traction, with OpenAI reporting over 3 million custom ChatGPT creations since the feature's inception.

While the store fuels innovation, OpenAI's payment model for developers remains under wraps, with future compensation tied to user engagement. This approach banks on the current ChatGPT excitement to attract developers. Yet, the promise of an ecosystem where users can access an array of services through a single conversational interface hints at a transformative user experience, blurring the lines between AI and everyday applications. wired

SAG-AFTRA Strikes Again, This Time It’s A Deal With An AI Studio

In a landmark move, SAG-AFTRA has partnered with Replica Studios to ethically harness AI voice technology in video games. This deal, emerging from CES Las Vegas, not only secures performers' consent for using their digital voice doubles but also ensures equitable compensation. Fran Drescher, the union's president, hailed the agreement as a paradigm of AI done responsibly, positioning SAG-AFTRA contracts as the best defense for artists against unauthorized digital simulations.

While the entertainment industry has grappled with labor disputes, this collaboration presents a blueprint for fair use of AI in creative works. Shreyas Nivas, CEO of Replica Studios, emphasized the contrast between their licensed, ethical approach and the rampant, unconsented voice replication by other AI platforms. This agreement could be a harbinger for similar arrangements across industries, safeguarding the rights of digital persona creators. siliconrepublic

Why does this matter?

With the ethical framework in place for voice actors, the implications for other performance arts, such as motion capture actors in virtual reality environments, are vast. Ensuring fair compensation and consent in these realms could lead to a surge in more authentic and diverse digital representations, setting a new standard for the industry.

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Research Review

Researchers Developing AI To Make The Internet More Accessible

Amidst the intricate web of the digital world, researchers at The Ohio State University are carving a path towards inclusivity with an AI 'web agent' designed to navigate websites through language commands. This innovation seeks to dismantle barriers for those with disabilities, offering a beacon of accessibility where complexity currently reigns. By harnessing large language models, the team's web agent demonstrates a proficiency in understanding and executing tasks on various websites, akin to human interaction.

The study, presented at NeurIPS, introduces Mind2Web, a dataset that equips web agents with the prowess to tackle real-world internet challenges, transcending the limitations of simulated environments. This approach, coupled with the MindAct framework, marries small and large language models to enhance task execution, a leap forward in cultivating agents that adapt to the internet's evolving landscape. The potential applications extend beyond convenience, raising ethical considerations as the power of such AI expands. techrepublic

Written by Isaac R. Ward, Casey Clifton, and Alex Brogan.

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