OpenAI’s Strategic Shift Reflects Changing AI Regulations

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Good morning! Today is Wednesday, January 3rd and we're looking at the world's first AI restaurant opens in California, Google uses AI to optimize traffic lights, and OpenAI shifts operations to Europe for data privacy compliance. New to The Intelligence Age? Sign up here.
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The First AI-Powered Restaurant

The world's first fully autonomous, AI-powered restaurant, CaliExpress by Flippy, opened in Southern California. This innovative dining experience features robots cooking burgers and deep-frying French fries, with guests able to watch the entire meal preparation process. The restaurant's operation is a collaboration between Cali Group, Miso Robotics, and PopID. The use of AI and robotics in this setting promises to reduce food waste, improve safety, and enable a minimal crew to manage the kitchen. Additionally, the restaurant also serves as an interactive showcase for AI and robotics technology. Yahoo

Google's Project Green Light: Optimizing Traffic and Reducing Emissions

Google's Project Green Light, in collaboration with city engineers, is leveraging AI to optimize traffic lights, aiming to reduce congestion and emissions. By adjusting traffic light timings based on extensive maps data and AI analysis, the project has demonstrated significant improvements in Seattle, the first U.S. city to implement it. This approach is currently being tested in 13 cities worldwide, potentially reducing stop-and-go traffic by up to 30% and vehicle emissions at intersections by 10%. Google plans to expand this free service to numerous cities, promising smoother drives and environmental benefits. MIT

OpenAI Strategically Shifts to EU for Data Privacy Harmony

While Europe was indulging in the festive season, OpenAI was undergoing a significant alignment with EU's data privacy laws. They're moving their EEA and Swiss operations to OpenAI Ireland Limited, just in time for new terms kicking in February 2024. It's a savvy GDPR compliance play: being in the EU makes navigating the regulatory maze smoother. Their link-up with the Irish Data Protection Commission is a sharp move, aiming to simplify GDPR dealings down to a single, Irish-focused dialogue.

But it's not just a token gesture. OpenAI's Dublin base, the hub for handling European data, isn't just for show. They need real sway and know-how in decision-making to be seen as the GDPR's key player in Europe. They're even hiring a privacy software engineer, showing they mean business. Still, with only a few Dublin roles versus their massive San Francisco base, it's an open question: will Dublin really be in the driver's seat, or just mirroring stateside decisions? techcrunch

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