YouTube Now AI Powered

PLUS: AWS Launches $100M Program To Fund Generative AI Initiatives

Good morning! Today we’re looking at YouTube introducing AI-powered dubbing service Aloud, AWS investing $100M in a generative AI innovation program and Inflection debuting an AI model to rival Google, OpenAI LLMs.

Let’s get to it!

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Top News & Why It Matters

| YouTube Is Getting AI-Powered Dubbing

YouTube is getting an AI-powered dubbing upgrade thanks to Aloud, the AI dubbing service from Google's Area 120 incubator.

The process is simple: Aloud transcribes the video, which can then be reviewed and edited before it's translated and dubbed.

Already in testing with hundreds of creators, the technology supports a few languages with more on the way. theverge

Why does this matter?

AI dubbing could not only improve the viewing experience for global audiences but also empower content creators to expand their reach, potentially even fostering greater cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

| AWS Launches $100M Program To Fund Generative AI Initiatives

Amazon doesn't want to be left in the dust in the AI race, so they're throwing $100 million into a program called AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. What's it all about? Helping customers and partners dream up, design, and launch new generative AI products and services. And they're not just throwing money at companies – the program will provide free workshops, engagements, and training, as well as access to AWS products. Bring on the AI boom. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

With top players like Salesforce Ventures, Workday, OpenAI, and Dropbox investing billions into generative AI technologies, Amazon's commitment is only the latest in a string of hefty sponsorship. As the market surges towards an estimated worth of $110 billion by 2030, the Generative AI Innovation Center distinguishes Amazon as an industry leader with a stake in solving complex, global challenges.

| Inflection Debuts Its Own Foundation AI Model To Rival Google And OpenAI LLMs

Inflection is serving up some serious competition for Google and OpenAI with its own large language model, Inflection-1.

This AI startup has cooked up a model that measures up to GPT-3.5 and even claims to be competitive or superior to others in its tier.

Inflection's got benchmarks to back their claim, showing their model performing well on various tasks. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

As the AI community hasn't established a proper "weight class" system for these models yet, it's important to consider what purposes each model serves best. While some may require a data centre to perform, others can efficiently run on your phone. With the field so young, there's more room for independent evaluation and collaboration, and maybe even a healthy dose of rivalry to push the boundaries of AI even further.

| Become A World-Class Writer

WriteWell is your fastest route to becoming a world-class communicator. It’s a custom AI trained on thousands of high-quality writing samples that goes beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT and other writing apps to make your writing concise.

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Mastering Artificial Intelligence

| Our Top Picks

✅ AI-powered social media reply generator for Twitter, LinkedIn & Product Hunt. (website)

✅ PixelBin: Real-time image manipulations for better web engagement. (website)

✅ ChatPDF: Revolutionary tool for PDF question answering in any language. (website)

✅ Wave: AI-powered coaching for professionals with unlimited personalized feedback. (website)

✅ Imagen: AI photo editor for Lightroom Classic that learns and saves time. (website)

| Lunch & Learn

📝 Text: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) explained by deeplizard (link)

🎧 Audio: 371 – "The AI Alignment Podcast" by the Center for Human-Compatible AI (link)

📽️ Video: OpenAI's ChatGPT is a MASSIVE step forward in Generative AI by sentdex (link)

What Else Is Happening

| More News

🗞️ Secret Invasion Studio faces ethical AI art controversy, claims "no artists' jobs" lost. (source)

🗞️ MIT-Pillar AI Collective announces first seed grant recipients. (source)

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🗞️ New method improves efficiency of 'vision transformer' AI systems. (source)

🗞️ The AI Apocalypse: A Scorecard. (source)

🗞️ Andrew Ng: Unbiggen AI. (source)

| Best of AI Social Media

💬 ChatGPT, create the opposite of famous movies. (Reddit)

💬 ChatGPT is literally the simplest interface ever invented and if you need help writing prompts you’re a moron (Reddit)

💬 The new Bing can break captcha, despite saying it won't (Reddit)

💬 This startup is training human brain cells for AI computing (Reddit)

| Research Review

Pushing The Limits Of Machine Design: Automated CPU Design With AI (Full Paper)

Shuyao Cheng et al.

∑ Summary: A new AI approach successfully designs an industrial-scale RISC-V CPU in just 5 hours, exploring a search space of unprecedented size and potentially reforming the semiconductor industry.

!? Practical implications: This research on AI-designed CPUs could significantly reduce design cycles in the semiconductor industry and potentially lead to the discovery of new computational architectures.

Impacts And Risk Of Generative AI Technology On Cyber Defence (Full Paper)

Subash Neupane et al.

∑ Summary: This paper analyses risks and offensive uses of GenAI in cybersecurity, and proposes adaptive, GenAI-enabled defence strategies based on the Cyber Kill Chain framework.

!? Practical implications: The non-obvious second-order effects of this research may include a potential shift in the cybersecurity landscape, requiring new skills and expertise to combat GenAI-induced cyber threats, and potentially reshaping industry operations and workforce dynamics to counteract disinformation and misinformation campaigns.

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