The Intelligence Age is a community of business leaders peering into the future of the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence.

To navigate the AI landscape without in-house technical experts, businesses need trustworthy content to supplement their existing information streams.

We help business leaders make sense of the changes and discover ways to use AI to their advantage. We aim to go a step beyond just listing news developments, helping our audience understand why it matters and how to stay ahead of the curve.

The Intelligence Age is written by Isaac Ward, a published AI researcher and NASA scientist, Casey Clifton, who runs an AI consultancy, and Alex Brogan, our resident growth marketing expert.

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About our audience

We’ve run multiple polls of our audience to understand exactly who they are.

  • Sectors: Diverse audience but heavily towards high-skilled workers in tech, marketing, engineering, product management, and finance.

  • Seniority: 30% Founder/C-Level, 16% Executive/VP/Director, 33% Senior Level (2+ years experience)

  • Income: 46% earn over US$100k/year

  • Age:

    • 45+ = 31%

    • 35-44 = 29%

    • 25-34 = 28%

    • 18-24 = 12%

  • AI Competency: 51% considered themselves “Intermediate” or higher in relation to AI competency

  • Education: 47% of our audience have completed Graduate (Masters / PhD) level education, 90% have completed Bachelors equivalent or higher

  • Location: 35% US, 17% Europe, UK 9%, 5% Canada, 4% Australia, other

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