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PLUS: The prompts explain why ChatGPT's quality declined over the past 6 months.

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  • Chatbots: YC-Backed Cambio Puts AI Bots On The Phone To Negotiate Debt, Talk To A Bank’s Customers (TechCrunch)

  • Generative AI: ChatGPT Is Getting Human-Like Memory And This Might Be The First Big Step Toward General AI (TechRadar)

  • Governance: AI Used To Resurrect Dead Dictator To Sway Election

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YC-Backed Cambio Puts AI Bots On The Phone To Negotiate Debt, Talk To A Bank’s Customers

Cambio is reshaping debt negotiation. With AI bots, the Y Combinator alumni has seen 70% of users improve credit scores by tackling debt collection directly. Now, they're taking this technology to banks and credit unions, offering an API for enhanced customer sales calls. Blesson Abraham’s journey from debt to CEO underscores a personal mission: to arm people with tools for financial upliftment.

The startup's pivot from a neobank to AI-powered debt assistance reflects keen market responsiveness. Their bots don't just advise—they negotiate, powered by a power of attorney, ensuring compliance. Cambio's triple-layer AI system for quality control is now poised to disrupt banking customer service, backed by a $3 million seed round and glowing endorsement from DVC's Marina Davidova. techcrunch

ChatGPT Is Getting Human-Like Memory And This Might Be The First Big Step Toward General AI

ChatGPT's new memory feature is a game-changer. No more starting from zero. Imagine an assistant that recalls your child's love for giraffes, offering tailored birthday card ideas in future conversations. The AI utilizes these snippets to enhance efficiency and personalization, akin to a trusted colleague knowing your morning coffee order.

Privacy concerns arise, but OpenAI has safeguards. Memories are off-limits for training data, and sensitive info is proactively ignored unless specified. An opt-out feature ensures control, allowing users to erase memories akin to browser history. The line between helpful and sensitive, however, remains blurred. OpenAI's test phase proceeds without a release date, promising a more nuanced, human-esque interaction model. techradar

AI Used To Resurrect Dead Dictator To Sway Election

In a startling move, Indonesia's Golkar party leveraged generative AI to digitally reincarnate Suharto, a notorious dictator, aiming to steer public opinion ahead of the 2024 elections. This deepfake endorses Prabowo Subianto, a candidate with ties to Suharto's past regime, blurring ethical lines and highlighting AI's potential to manipulate historical narratives.

The AI resurrection has met with mixed reactions. While some may find it innovative, others see it as a manipulation tactic exploiting nostalgia and the electorate's distance from past atrocities. Erwin Aksa, the Golkar party's deputy chairman, shared the deepfake on social media, accompanying it with a call to "elect the right people's representatives and leaders for Indonesia." This incident underscores the complex interplay of AI and politics. futurism

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