The AI Gender Gap

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  • Research: How Bret Taylor's New Company Is Rethinking Customer Experience In The Age Of AI

  • Ethics: Dili Wants To Automate Due Diligence With AI.

  • Diversity: The Women In AI Making A Difference.

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News & Insights

How Bret Taylor’s New Company Is Rethinking Customer Experience In The Age Of AI

In the race to revolutionize customer experience, Bret Taylor's startup Sierra aims to make conversational AI the new norm. As websites once did, Sierra's AI agents promise to become indispensable digital assets for companies, transforming customer interactions. Their vision is bold: free-form inquiries leading to direct action, simplifying tasks through seamless system integrations. Yet, the road ahead is fraught with technical hurdles. As Taylor admits, "the risks are a lot higher" when AI faces customers, with issues like brand misrepresentation and AI "hallucinations" posing significant challenges.

Sierra's approach is multi-model, with a so-called 'supervisor' model scrutinizing responses to curb inaccuracies—a necessary but complex solution in a landscape where no one has yet mastered these AI anomalies. Regulatory and privacy concerns further complicate the automated handling of customer data. Still, Taylor and Bavor see immense opportunity in this technological shift, even as they navigate potential conflicts with Taylor's role at OpenAI. With a novel outcome-based pricing model, Sierra is betting on AI's ability to not just assist but complete tasks, charging for resolved issues—a strategy still untested with early customers. techcrunch

Dili Wants To Automate Due Diligence With AI

Stephanie Song, ex-Coinbase, is on a mission. Her startup Dili, armed with $3.6 million in funding, aims to revolutionize due diligence for private equity and VC firms through AI. Unlike competitors, Dili boasts unique tech to extract financial metrics with "very high accuracy." With AI's role expanding in investment analysis, Gartner predicts a 75% adoption in executive reviews by 2025. Yet, Dili's distinction lies in its custom indexing and retrieval pipelines, providing targeted context to its models.

Dili's promise is tantalizing: instant AI-generated deal analysis with a historical lens. Yet, AI's reliability is questioned. Fast Company's review of ChatGPT revealed inaccuracies and fabrications, while Harvard Business Review's study exposed inherent biases in AI decision-making. Dili's counter? Continuous model refinement and customer data privacy assurances. The platform's pilot with 400 analysts and banks signals a thirst for such innovation, yet the veracity and ethical integrity of AI in due diligence remain under scrutiny. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

As Dili works towards an end-to-end due diligence solution, consider the potential of similar AI systems in regulatory compliance. Beyond investment, could AI's knack for data parsing simplify complex compliance checks, pre-empting legal woes? The impact of AI on preventative legal strategies could be profound, yet this application must navigate the delicate balance of thoroughness against the nuance of human judgment.

The Women In AI Making A Difference

TechCrunch's spotlight on women in AI is a timely correction to an often one-sided narrative. The push to give credit where it's due reveals a broader issue: the AI field's gender gap, with women like Elaine Rich and Cynthia Breazeal pivotal yet underrecognized. This isn't just about fairness; it's about the field's health. With women more attuned to AI's societal impacts, their underrepresentation is a loss of valuable perspectives.

A stark figure: only 16% of AI-focused tenure-track faculty are women. The gender gap isn't shrinking; it's growing. Nesta reports a decrease in female co-authored AI papers since the 1990s. This isn't just a pipeline problem. Discrimination and unequal treatment are pushing women out of tech, with 73% considering leaving due to pay and advancement barriers. TechCrunch's series is a step toward change. It underscores the need for strong mentorship and policies that bolster women's roles in AI. techcrunch

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