Google Roles Out Gemini, Everywhere

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  • Public Safety: London Underground tests real-time surveillance algorithms to detect crime.

  • Chatbot: Google integrates Gemini, its latest AI chatbot, across products.

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London Underground Is Testing Real-Time AI Surveillance Tools To Spot Crime

The London Underground's latest test with real-time AI surveillance is a leap into modern policing. Transport for London (TfL) has been trialing 11 algorithms at Willesden Green Tube station, aiming to spot potential crimes and safety risks. Over 44,000 alerts were triggered, with 19,000 in real-time. However, this AI is not without its glitches. Cases of misidentification included mistaking children as fare dodgers and confusion between folding and non-folding bikes.

Despite the high-tech approach, the AI struggled to distinguish aggressive behavior, a key concern for privacy advocates. Experts like Michael Birtwistle of the Ada Lovelace Institute raise crucial questions about the societal implications. The TfL insists there's no evidence of bias, yet the trial's lack of transparency and potential for expanded surveillance capabilities, such as face recognition, looms as a controversial pivot point for future urban security measures. wired

Google’s Gemini Is Now In Everything. Here’s How You Can Try It Out.

Google's Gemini is here, reshaping expectations and setting new benchmarks in AI integration. It's not just another chatbot; Gemini is a multimodal marvel that listens, sees, and speaks across Google's ecosystem. "Every launch is big, but this one is the biggest yet," says Sissie Hsiao, Google's VP. Indeed, Gemini's roll-out is ambitious, promising to outdo GPT-4 with its ultra version while retiring Bard, its predecessor.

The move is strategic, leveraging Google's vast product landscape to eclipse its competitors. Yet, it's not without hiccups. The staggered release, notably absent in the UK, EU, and Switzerland, hints at regulatory caution. Hsiao reassures, "We are absolutely working on it." Meanwhile, users globally can tap into Gemini's prowess, from crafting a cover letter to managing a snack rota, with the new Google One Premium AI Plan offering the most robust experience. technologyreview

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