Google’s New Open Source AI

PLUS: Gemini 1.5 analyzed crowded street video, identifying granular details.

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  • Research: Google Goes "Open AI" With Gemma, A Free, Open-Weights Chatbot Family.

  • Diversity: Are You Blacker Than ChatGPT? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

  • Jobs: Indeed's 10 Highest-Paid Tech Skills: Generative AI Tops The List.

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News & Insights

Google Goes “Open AI” With Gemma, A Free, Open-Weights Chatbot Family

Google disrupts the AI landscape with Gemma. In a strategic pivot, they've launched a pair of open-weight chatbots that promise to democratize access to large language models. Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B – scaled-down kin of the mightier Gemini – break new ground by running on everyday hardware, a move that could spark a surge in AI innovation at the grassroots level.

The decision to go open with Gemma reflects a sea change in AI philosophy, diverging from the exclusivity of high-end models. These models, pre-trained and instruction-tuned, are a nod to developers and researchers craving transparency and customization. Google's naming, inspired by 'precious stone', hints at the value they place on these open models – potentially as catalysts for a broader AI revolution. arstechnica

Why does this matter?

The openness of Gemma paves the way for niche applications, like custom AI assistants for individual businesses that can operate independently from cloud services. This might also raise the stakes in data privacy, as localized processing could sidestep some cloud-based vulnerabilities.

Are You Blacker Than ChatGPT? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

McKinney's playful quiz "Are You Blacker than ChatGPT?" highlights AI's cultural blind spots. It's a stark reminder that AI fails to grasp nuances of Black culture, a problem rooted in how these systems are trained. "Clearly, you don't know everything, especially when it comes to things that aren't white-specific," says Meghan Woods, spotlighting ChatGPT's shortcomings. AI's diversity issue extends beyond quizzes - it impacts safety, like in AI-driven cars failing to detect darker skin tones.

AI innovation often overlooks cultural intricacies, but McKinney's game is a creative nudge towards inclusivity. Gerald Carter insists, "For AI to reach its full potential, it needs to work for everyone, everywhere." Yet, OpenAI's board diversity issue and ChatGPT's inability to learn from its mistakes in the quiz show there's much work to be done. An inclusive future for AI lies in diverse perspectives shaping data collection and model monitoring. techcrunch

Indeed’s 10 Highest-Paid Tech Skills: Generative AI Tops The List

Generative AI's ascendancy to the top of Indeed's high-earning tech skills is telling. With an average salary of $174,727, it's evident that the ability to craft and manipulate data through AI is highly valued. The report's spotlight on AI-specific skills accounting for half of the top-paid positions signals a shift in tech's value landscape. This isn't a surprise; generative AI's influence cuts across industries, reshaping roles and creating new benchmarks for what defines a lucrative skill set.

Companies globally are in a frantic search for AI talent. This isn't localized to tech giants like Apple or Meta; it's a trend permeating sectors from aerospace to finance. Indeed's insights suggest a dichotomy in the tech job market; despite recent layoffs, demand for AI expertise is not just resilient but surging. Employers are urged to hire swiftly, prioritizing skills over traditional qualifications, and to invest in upskilling to stay competitive. techrepublic

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