Slack’s New AI Brings Big Efficiency Gains

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  • AI Models: Largest Text-To-Speech AI Model Yet Shows ’Emergent Abilities’.

  • Privacy: Nvidia's New AI Chatbot Runs Locally On Your PC, And It's Free.

  • Workplace: Now You Can Pay Slack AI To Make Sense Of Messy Work Chats.

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News & Insights

Largest Text-To-Speech AI Model Yet Shows ’Emergent Abilities’

Amazon's latest text-to-speech AI, BASE TTS, is changing the game. With 980 million parameters and 100,000 hours of data, it's showing 'emergent abilities' that surpass its predecessors. It's not just about size; the model is tackling text complexities like emotional speech and foreign phonemes without explicit training. This leap mirrors the evolution seen in language models, hinting at a potential "hockey stick" growth in capability.

The BASE TTS isn't just a lab experiment; it's streamable, setting the stage for real-world applications. Despite its prowess, it's still a work in progress, with the team withholding its source to deter misuse. The implications are vast, promising a 2024 ready for richer, more natural automated speech aiding everything from accessibility to customer service. techcrunch

Why does this matter?

Imagine a future where digital personal assistants, powered by models like BASE TTS, convey empathy, adjusting to our moods with nuances in tone. This could redefine the user experience, making interactions with AI deeply personal and engaging. However, this raises a non-obvious risk: the blurring lines between human and machine could lead to over-reliance on AI for emotional support, potentially impacting human relationships.

Nvidia's New AI Chatbot Runs Locally On Your PC, And It's Free

Nvidia's just changed the game. Their new 'Chat with RTX' lets your PC handle AI conversations, no cloud needed. It's a privacy-centric move, leveraging RTX 40 GPUs to keep your chats and data in-house. Imagine your own AI, tailored with your texts, docs or even YouTube videos. Ask it anything about your uploaded content, and it knows - no net required.

Privacy meets convenience. That's the promise of Nvidia's latest offering. But there's a catch: it's power-hungry, demanding at least an RTX 30 series card with 8GB VRAM. It's a clever blend of their TensorRT-LLM software and retrieval-augmented generation tech, making your local machine a private AI powerhouse. zdnet

Why does this matter?

While Nvidia's local AI chatbot could revolutionize privacy in AI interactions, it raises questions about the digital divide. High-end hardware requirements could limit access to those with the means, potentially widening the gap between tech's haves and have-nots.

Now You Can Pay Slack AI To Make Sense Of Messy Work Chats

In the hustle of modern work, Slack is throwing a lifeline – AI-driven summaries for bloated chat logs. Users can now tap the star-shaped AI button to get crisp rundowns of channel activities, a godsend for those drowning in digital discourse. “It’s designed for those times where you search for something broad… and aren’t sure what else to ask for,” says Noah Weiss, Slack’s chief product officer. This isn't just about convenience; it's a strategic pivot as competitors lace their own messaging tools with AI.

Cost details are hazy, but Slack Enterprise customers can access these features now. Unlike rivals banking on conversational AI, Slack aims for precision, training models to parse the "freewheeling nature of text chat." The goal: accurate, not exhaustive. Weiss emphasizes the importance of structure in unstructured chat data, steering clear of fabricating responses without solid backing. Transparency is key – users should know where info originates, not just trust AI blindly. fastcompany

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