Startup with $35m integrating AI with biology

PLUS: Gemini 1.5 Pro understood full codebase, identified urgent issue, and implemented fix.

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  • Biotech: Bioptimus Raises $35 Million Seed Round To Develop AI Foundational Model Focused On Biology.

  • Chips: Generative AI Chip Designer Recogni Locks Up $102M.

  • Productivity: Google Plans "Gemini Business" AI For Workspace Users.

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Bioptimus Raises $35 Million Seed Round To Develop AI Foundational Model Focused On Biology

Bioptimus just bagged $35 million to revolutionize the bio sector with AI. Unlike the broad applications of AI we're used to seeing, Bioptimus narrows in on biology, a field where data privacy isn't just a feature, it's a mandate. The move spotlights a pivot in AI development strategies, acknowledging the intricacies of specialized domains. With a foot in the door thanks to Owkin's trove of multimodal patient data, Bioptimus isn't starting from scratch.

The company's leadership isn't green either. Jean-Philippe Vert and Rodolphe Jenatton bring a blend of biotech and AI heavyweights to the table, signaling serious muscle behind the operation. With AWS as the training ground for their AI models, Bioptimus is poised to push the boundaries of medical AI. "Eventually, the AI we build will improve disease diagnosis, precision medicine, and will help create new biomolecules for medical or environmental use," says Vert. techcrunch

Generative AI Chip Designer Recogni Locks Up $102M

In a tight investment climate, Recogni's $102 million infusion stands out. The firm, straddling the generative AI and automotive sectors, is carving a niche with its AI inference chips – crucial for applications demanding rapid, energy-efficient data processing. CEO Marc Bolitho's assertion, “engineering pivotal advances,” is no empty boast; the chips promise to disrupt how data centers and industries like automotive and aerospace handle AI computations.

Recogni's success is a beacon in a sluggish semiconductor funding landscape, with 2024's slow start contrasting sharply with 2022's more robust $2 billion investment. This cash injection suggests a renewed investor interest in AI's potential to drive next-gen chip design, despite the sector's recent underperformance. As Bolitho puts it, the rush for "compute capability, scalability, accuracy and energy savings" is peaking – and Recogni is riding the wave. crunchbase

Google Plans “Gemini Business” AI For Workspace Users

Google's Workspace, already a staple for corporate efficiency, is about to get smarter. "Gemini Business" and "Gemini Enterprise" are poised to integrate AI chatbot capabilities, promising users enterprise-grade data protections and the assurance that their conversations remain confidential. This move, spotlighted in early patch notes and confirmed by multiple sources, signals a clear intent: Google is doubling down on AI to bolster business productivity.

The promise is bold - Workspace users can "use Gemini confidently at work". But skepticism is warranted. Patch notes have leaked information before, yet the reliability of these specific dates remains in question. The implication? Google's commitment to AI is unequivocal, but the timeline for Gemini's deployment might not be as set in stone as eager adopters might hope. arstechnica

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