This Will Be OpenAI’s Worst Video AI

PLUS: Concerns over using AI for censorship of truth.

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Hello and welcome back! Today we're covering:

  • Research: OpenAI Collapses Media Reality With Sora, A Photorealistic AI Video Generator.

  • Ethics: Tech Giants Sign Voluntary Pledge To Fight Election-Related Deepfakes.

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OpenAI Collapses Media Reality With Sora, A Photorealistic AI Video Generator

The unveiling of OpenAI's Sora marks a pivotal moment in AI video generation. Sora's ability to create 60-second photorealistic clips from simple text descriptions represents a leap in fidelity and consistency in the AI realm. This isn't just a step forward; it's a leap that has industry insiders like Joanna Stern and Tom Warren vocalizing both awe and concern. What sets Sora apart is its temporal consistency, ensuring subjects remain continuous over time, a significant challenge in previous models.

Skeptics are right to wonder about the sources of Sora's training data, a detail OpenAI has yet to disclose. Speculation abounds, with some experts, like Nvidia's Jim Fan, suggesting a heavy reliance on synthetic data from platforms like Unreal Engine 5. While Sora's text-to-video capabilities dazzle, its lack of synchronized sound points to limitations that still need addressing. The model's future potential, however, suggests what we're seeing now is just the beginning of its capabilities. As their models inevitably improve over time, what we’re seeing now is the worst AI video generator OpenAI will ever make. arstechnica

Tech Giants Sign Voluntary Pledge To Fight Election-Related Deepfakes

Tech leaders are on the move. In a concerted effort, industry giants from Microsoft to Meta and beyond have inked a pledge at the Munich Security Conference. Their goal? To combat AI-generated deepfakes that could skew voter perceptions. They're committing to detecting, labeling, and acting against these deceptions on their platforms—fast. It's a shared battle, with 13 more firms, including AI innovators and social media moguls, joining the cause. They promise transparency and a careful balance—protecting expression while fighting fraud.

But let's be real. This accord lacks teeth. It's voluntary, a potential showpiece amidst rising regulatory scrutiny with national elections on the horizon. Brad Smith of Microsoft hits home: "There's no way the tech sector can protect elections by itself..." True, and yet, the U.S. lacks a federal ban on deepfakes. A patchwork of state laws and piecemeal federal actions are what we've got. Europe strides ahead with proposed clear labeling laws for AI content. Meanwhile, deepfakes surge—a 900% increase in creations. The threat is real, from AI robocalls in New Hampshire to fake audio in Slovakia. techcrunch

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